Pediatric Nurse Certification

Healthcare is one of the most thriving industries today. According to statistics, there are scores of new jobs that await healthcare professionals. The increasing population and the advancements in medical science call for more healthcare experts across the country. Just as in the case of other medical professions, there is lot of demand for nurses in hospitals, nursing homes and other settings across the country.

Nurses are responsible for providing medical care to patients suffering from different conditions. They may administer medication, operate medical equipment, assist the physicians and also guide the families of the patients about important health-related concerns. Nurses may provide general non-specialized medical or specialized care in a particular area within this field.
A certified pediatric nurse looks after the wellbeing of infants and children suffering from different ailments or disorders. Some of their job responsibilities include conducting diagnoses and, treating ailments and injuries.

How to become a Pediatric Nurse

To become a certified pediatric nurse, students need to obtain a RN degree. They can enroll in a 2 year associate or 4 year bachelor’s program in nursing. It is also important to pass the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses.
Aspiring pediatric nurses need to complete a master’s program that has a focus in pediatric nursing. These advanced degree can be completed in 1-2 years and allow students to study at their own pace. The coursework in these programs may include topics such as nursing theories, stress health promotion, and pharmacology and, research methods. Students also learn about pediatric theory and disease prevention. They also need to complete a thesis and go through clinical experience to get hands-on training in nursing.
Pediatric nurse certification programs are also available for RNs with considerable experience in the care of children and who have the required knowledge and the particular skills related to pediatric nursing that go above and beyond the basic RN licensure. The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board helps students become certified nursing professionals – certified professionals in nursing have brighter career prospects as compared to those without a certificate.
Career Prospects for Pediatrics Nurses
According to statistics, jobs for RNs are predicted to grow by 22% between 2008 and 2018. RNs with specialties such as pediatrics can find the highest paying jobs in this field. Pediatric nurses can work in a variety of settings like hospital, clinics and physicians’ offices and earn from $59,000 to $101,000 on an annual basis. Other than earning a competitive salary, these nurses can also get other career benefits such as bonuses, life insurance and more.

Online Programs for Pediatric Nurses

Students who want to become pediatric nurses can enroll in online programs as well as complete them at their own pace. Compared to traditional programs, these degree programs are more flexible, giving students the flexibility to study from any location and at timings that suit their personal routine. The online programs can be a suitable option for busy working RNs seeking advanced opportunities in the field or nursing.  As classes in the online degrees can be managed remotely, students can manage their personal or professional commitments alongside their studies.



Ask an Expert

Q:What is a certified pediatric nurse and what basic duties are included in their job description?

A:Pediatrics is a healthcare specialty dedicated towards providing health care services to infants and children. Nurses specialized in this field are known as certified pediatric nurses. They perform a wide range of tasks such as responding to injuries, administering medication, diagnosing diseases and other medical conditions, monitoring vital statistics, taking blood samples, and more.

Q:How to become certified as a pediatric nurse in my state?

A:Pediatric nurses are professionals who treat children and infants. These nurses specialize in providing healthcare services to infants suffering from various medical conditions and illnesses. To become a pediatric nurse, one must have a degree in this field and complete the state requirements. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:Is becoming a pediatric nurse suitable for me?

A:Choosing to join the pediatric nursing field depends upon your level of interest and preference. If you enjoy working with young children and wish to help, this field of nursing can be a suitable choice. Pediatric nurses are required to treat and care for children suffering from media conditions. For more detail, take a look at our page.

Q:What is covered in a certified pediatric nurse exam?

A:The exam is designed to evaluate your readiness for the field. Individuals must demonstrate skill and in-depth understanding of the field. The exam may include written question answer, multiple choice questions, and practical applications. You can get in touch with the nursing board to determine the components of the exam as these may vary from state to state.

Q:Can you tell me what things are covered in the exam for certified pediatric nurse practitioner?

A:The certification exam for pediatric nursing covers a broad range of topics. Individuals must demonstrate a strong understanding of the field, practices, concepts, theories, and skills. Students will be required to answer a series of questions in a given time period. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:How can I prepare for the exam conducted by the pediatric nursing certification board?

A:The board offers online test-taking strategies module. It is designed to help students prepare for the certification examination. The test will cover relevant multiple-choice questions and tips. Individuals can gain insight on what to expect in the exam, how to successfully answer questions, and manage stress/anxiety prior and during the exam.

Q:Can you tell me how to become a certified pediatric nurse?

A:To become a certified pediatric nurse, you must first earn a nursing degree such as the RN degree. The next step would include acquiring work experience, mainly in the pediatric department. With enough training completed, you can then sit for the certification exam conducted by the board. For more detail, browse through our page.

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