Hospice Nursing

Nurses are healthcare experts dedicated to looking after the sick and injured and providing them with a wide array of medical services. These healthcare professionals may have different duties depending on their degree level, specialty and job title.

Hospice Nurse Job Description
A hospice nurse is a registered nurse who looks after patients suffering from critical conditions and in the last stages of their life. These nurses work with patients, their families and other medical staff and extend medical care and guidance.  They strive to provide comfort to the critically ill and help them improve their quality of life.
These nurses may work as a case manager hospice nurse, hospice nurse, intake or admission nurse, hospice visit nurse or hospice triage nurse. A case manager hospice nurse assesses and manages a patient's requirements while the hospice intake/admission nurse spends a considerable amount of time with patients and their families in developing a care plan. They assess a patient’s need and readiness for hospice in addition to consulting the hospice physician to take  patient into hospice care. A hospice visit nurse supplements the care of the case managers while a hospice triage nurse takes phone calls from patients or their families and initiates the procedure of assessment and treatment.
Hospice nurses may serve in nursing centers, private homes or residential care facilities. In addition to their primary responsibilities, they may also supervise LPNs (licensed practical nurses) and nursing aides.
How to Become a Hospice Nurse
Students who want to pursue a career in hospice nursing need to obtain an undergraduate degree and national licensing. They can enroll in associate or bachelor’s degrees in nursing that includes classroom lessons as well as clinical experience. The curricula in RN degree programs include topics such as nursing skills and fundamentals, pharmacology, health assessment, anatomy and physiology and more. Once students complete an RN degree, they must pass the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) to get a license.
Students interested in getting into hospice nursing need additional training and hospice nurse certification as well. Hospice nurses can enroll in a master's degree in hospice nursing. Training for these nurses includes taking classes in acute care, geriatrics and medical and biological ethics.
Students should also obtain certification offered by The National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses. In order to take these exams, students need to have experience in hospice nursing. Online programs are also available for aspiring hospice nurses. These programs are more flexible and cost effective compared to degree nursing degrees.
There are a number of other attributes that aspiring hospice nurses should possess. They should have keen observation skills and should also be emotionally stable in order to deal with the challenges of critical ailment and death.
Career Prospects for Hospice Nurses
According to statistics, the career outlook for RNs is very bright as there are thousands of new job opportunities for these healthcare experts in all states. Hospice nurses can earn from $83,000 to $126,000 on an annual basis and enjoy various career perks as well.

Ask an Expert

Q:What is a hospice nurse?

A:A hospice nurse can be defined as a healthcare professional who manages patient cases on an individual basis. Only one nurse is assigned to one patient that overlooks the service delivery, administration of medicine, treatment diagnosis, and provides psychological support. You can browse through our page to find out more.

Q:Can you give me some information about hospice nurse salary and job duties?

A:A hospice nurse is a skilled medical expert who treats patients that are old, or terminally ill. Unlike RN's who help patients recover, hospice nurses usually [provide support to patients nearing the end of their lives. The income level will depend upon many factors such as experience, healthcare organization, and qualifications.

Q:How to become a hospice nurse?

A:To become a hospice nurse, you need to have a LPN or RN degree. These programs will equip you with basic nursing skills and knowledge. You must also clear the nursing licensing examinations in your state before pursuing a job. As a nurse, you must display effective nursing skills and should have a complete understanding of healthcare services.

Q:Can you give me some information about a hospice nurse certification?

A:Hospice nurses are professionals who offer a range of healthcare services to patients. These nurses create care plans, administer medication, and act as a liaison between the patient and physician. Individuals interested in becoming a hospice nurse must have a certification. The program will cover basic elements of the field and will help students develop skills needed for the career.

Q:What is a certified hospice nurse supposed to do?

A:A hospice nurse offers a range of healthcare services to patients. These nurses help design and develop treatment plans and make sure patients seek appropriate services from physicians. Not all hospice nurses work within hospitals, some nurses in this field work alongside social workers and in community clinics. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:Does becoming a hospice nurse require a certification?

A:Not necessarily do you need a certification for becoming a hospice nurse, but a BSN nursing degree maybe necessary. Hospice nurses attend to patients and families, and offer a range of healthcare services. The job can be emotionally stressing and demanding. Hospice nurses are often the liaison between physicians and patients.

Q:Can you tell me about a hospice nurse job description and main functions?

A:A hospice nurse typically works in a hospice center, or visit patients at their homes. The job description typically includes tasks such as assisting patients, providing medication, helping terminally ill patients, providing emotional support, educating patients about their condition or illness, and more. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:What is a hospice nursing certification and how much time do I need for it?

A:A certification program takes less time to complete as compared to traditional campus based degrees. Certificate programs are designed to certify individuals in a specific task or field. Some institutes are offering 6 month programs while others are offering 8 months programs. The exact duration will vary from pace to place.

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