International Nursing

The demand for nurses across the country is on the rise. These medical experts are required in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and various other settings to treat the sick, provide them guidance about different medical conditions, operate and monitor medical equipment and assist the physicians and other medical staff. Nurses may have additional or specialized duties depending on their qualification and area in which they opt to specialize in.

International travel nursing is a field in which nurses travel around the globe and look after patients who are chronically-ill or homebound. They administer medication and prepare nutritionally-specific meals in addition to teaching family members and caretakers about patient and medical care. These nurses may also follow-up procedures after surgery or administer physical therapy. Travel nurses may have to go from one location to another – some may need to move between clinics, hospitals, schools and other locations around the world. Just as with other nurses, there is lot of demand for travel nurses in all states.
International travel nurses are needed in understaffed hospitals in the country. Typically, they are affiliated with a placement organization or an agency that handles all relocation needs for these nurses.

How to Become an International Travel Nurse

The education requirements for international travel nurses vary. Most employers hire travel nurses with LPN or RN degrees. To enroll in LPN programs, students must hold a high school diploma or GED. They also need a certificate from a nursing training program. Students who would like to become registered nurses must obtain an associate or a bachelor’s degree in nursing. An associate’s degree takes 2 years to complete while a bachelor’s program can be completed in 4 years.
Coursework in these programs include topics like health assessment, nursing and healthcare management, patient psychology, pharmacology, and research. Learners may also come to know about microbiology and special needs nursing. Students must also pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).
Aspiring international travel nurses should also at least have a couple of years in full-time clinical practice. Having experience in critical and acute care, ICU or med-surg nursing can prove to be very beneficial as well.

International Nursing Opportunities

International nurses can work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and more. Just as other nurses, they can enjoy competitive wages and benefit from various career incentives like educational opportunities and bonuses. On average, travel nurses can earn from $67,000 to $95,000 per year.

Online Travel Nursing Programs

Students who would like to enter the field of international nursing can also enroll in online programs and study from the comfort of their homes. The online nursing programs can be an excellent option for working professionals seeking to switch their career without having to give up their current job. As these programs are highly flexible, students can study at timings that suit their personal routines and earn a degree at their own pace. Before enrolling in an online nursing program, students must do thorough research and explore all their options. They must look for the programs approved by the state and also check out other details.




Ask an Expert

Q:Can you give me some information about international travel nursing?

A:Not all nurses are found working in healthcare institutions. Travel nursing is one of the major branches of nursing in which professionals are required to travel to different destinations to provide healthcare services. There are many organizations that promote nursing at an international level. You must complete the minimum requirements to qualify for this career.

Q:After becoming a flight nurse, do I have to work in a hospital setting?

A:Not necessarily do you have to work in a hospital setting. You can seek work in a number of other rescue agencies. Flight nurses can work in fire departments and with other federal agencies. Flight nurses are in high demand nowadays. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:Can you tell me what basically is travel nurse international?

A:Travel nursing is a major branch of nursing. While most nurses prefer to work in hospitals in their localities or state, many aspiring nurses choose to travel beyond national boundaries to provide healthcare services. This field of nursing is considered as humanitarian aid as well. There are a number of agencies that promote travel nursing.

Q:I am interested in travel nursing international. How should I prepare for this field?

A:To become a travel nurse, you must first earn a degree in nursing, along with a professional nursing license. Before you can pursue a career as a travel nurse, it is important that you complete at least 1-2 years of training on-the-job. After this, you can get in touch with a travel nursing agency and start your pursuit of nursing career that crosses national boundaries.

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