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If you want to pursue a rewarding career in healthcare, becoming a nurse can be your best bet. These healthcare professionals may offer general medical care or they may specialize in a particular field within nursing such as surgery, pediatrics and more. Legal nurses are RNs who provide medical counseling on legal matters. They review medical records and reports for cases that involve malpractice, wrongful deaths, personal injury or negligence. These may also explain complex medical problems and act as expert witnesses.

How to Become a Legal Nurse

Students who want to become legal nurses need to complete an undergraduate nursing program. They can enroll in a vocational diploma, associate or bachelor program in nursing. Coursework in these programs include medical terminology, human physiology, human anatomy, psychology, and chemistry. Learners are also required to complete clinical sessions in different medical departments like emergency rooms, oncology or surgery. Completing clinical sessions at elderly-care facilities or public health departments may also be a part of some programs. They must also obtain an RN license.

Aspiring legal nurses also need to meet training requirements and pass certification exams. To become legal nurses, students must get a legal nurse certification. Prior to becoming a certified legal nurse, applicants must also have experience in clinical nursing.
Students need to complete legal nurse consultant programs as well. To enroll in these programs, they must have an RN degree. The curriculum in these programs may include topics like forensic nursing, medical records review and analysis, legal terminology, and trial preparation. Students in these programs also learn how to find clients and promoting LNC services.
Legal nurses must possess problem solving skills. They should also be able to care about patients and be capable of staying organized. Having computer skills is also important for these professionals in addition to being familiar with medical-legal terminology.
Job Outlook for Legal Nurses
According to statistics, jobs for RNs are predicted to increase by 22% between 2008 and 2018. Nurses with specialties and advanced degrees can find the most lucrative opportunities. Legal nurses can find rewarding jobs in law firms, hospitals, government agencies, and insurance companies. They may also set up their independent practice. These nurses can earn from $60,000 to $100, 000 on an annual basis. They can also enjoy various benefits such as bonuses and continuing education opportunities.

Online Legal Nursing Programs

Online programs are also available for aspiring legal nurses. Distance learning programs can be very suitable for busy RNs seeking more rewarding positions alongside their present work tenure. As the online programs are very flexible and give learners the freedom to study from the comfort of their homes, professionals engaged in part time or full times jobs can enroll in them with ease.
Those who are looking to make a career switch and get into legal nursing in a convenient manner can also greatly benefit from this mode of learning. Classes in online degrees are managed on the web. Students are provided with various learning technologies to help them participate in lectures, group discussions, submit assignments over the internet and get in touch with instructors.



Ask an Expert

Q:What are the basic job duties of a legal nurse consultant?

A:Legal nurse consultants are registered nurses who are specialized in legal consultation and medical related cases. The duties of legal nurse consultants include the following: medical research, case evaluation, prepare reports, create demonstrative evidence, provide witness testimony, guide patients through the legal process, and also provide supportive services to lawyers working on a case.

Q:What is the legal nurse consultant salary?

A:Legal nurse consultants are medical experts who help patients in medical related cases. The income level for such nurses will depend upon a number of different factors such as the following: education and licensing, certification, employer organization, demand, and skills. Take a look at our page for more information regarding this.

Q:I would like to know a little about legal nurse jobs?

A:Legal nurses are professionals who have thorough understanding of the legal field as well as healthcare. These nurses are required to provide services related to medically-related issues of the law. The demand for legal nurses is expected to grow in the coming years. You can browse through our page for more information.

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