Nursing Facts

Did you know that the nurses make up the largest of the healthcare industry? This field has evolved gradually over time due to increasing healthcare facilities and advancement. Factors such as technology have helped boost medicine and treatment methodologies. Now physicians, scientists, and nurses can be seen in almost every area of health, working at their best to make sure patients receive the best medical services. Nurses are often have are the first to attend to patients and have direct contact with them. These professionals have dedicated their careers to helping people who are injured, ill, and need medical attention. This profession is reputed all over the world.

Nursing careers are suitable for individuals who enjoy serving others and working for the benefit of individuals and families. This career requires passion, compassion, hard work, and a lot of patience. The nursing field has expanded greatly and is made up of numerous specialty areas. There are hundreds of branches of nursing, each focusing on a certain aspect of the field. Students who enjoy working with children can become pediatric nurses while those who want to help the ageing can pursue geriatric nursing. . Nurses can be department specific, disease specific, and patient specific.
Facts about nursing
Individuals who want to pursue this area as a profession can gain some insight about the nursing field. Various agencies and organizations have conducted researches to help shed some light on nursing careers and its growing importance. A few of these facts have been mentioned below:

  • According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing has concluded that nurses are the single largest component of the healthcare field.
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated an above average growth in the field, approximately 26%.
  • There are over 2.5 registered nurses in the nation.
  • The average salary for nurses ranges between $50,000 and $65,000.
  • Nurses are not restricted to just work in hospitals, but can also practice privately within their specialty and scope.
  • The demand for nurses is likely to rise in the coming years due to a supply shortage.
  • LPN and RN nursing programs are among the most popular degree programs pursued by nursing students.
Nursing Education
There are a number of nursing degree programs available that are designed to help students prepare for this field. Some of the most basic nursing degrees include the licensed practitioner programs, and the registered nurse programs. These programs focus more on basic nursing skills and qualify students for the National Council Licensing Examinations.
On the other hand, baccalaureate nursing programs are also growing in demand. For many specialties in the nursing, having a bachelor level degree is mandatory. The program is a four year undergraduate program and has a very comprehensive curriculum. Some of the major specialty areas that can are growing in demand according to the latest nursing facts include anesthesiology nursing, oncology nursing, and administrative nursing.
Nursing programs can now also be pursued online through online schools. Online education has slowly acquired popularity due to easy access and flexibility. Now students do not have to take classes at a campus in order to become a nurse.

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