Nursing Fields

Nursing is a term that evokes a nurturing and caring feeling. A nurse works in the service of humanity and has a halo of nobility that is well deserved. A nursing career is a rewarding one and while most typically associated with women, it is open to all. A nurse plays a vital supporting role in every OR, emergency and even post operative, in-patient and out-patient departments of a hospital. Infact they tend to supervise young intern doctors fresh out of medical schooland are usually the ones assigned to ensure proper care is given to the patients and to monitor their progress. Nursing is a complete separate course of line where women and particularly men too, get themselves enrolled to learn and gain knowledge about the field of medicine and patient-care. There are several kinds of nursing specialties offered by many universities and health institutes. To avoid any untoward fatalities, and to ensure excellent care and supervision, the nurses are educated and trained accordingly.
There are numerous options to choose from in which a nurse wishes to specialize. They range from extremely complicated areas e.g. surgery and cardiology, to simple ones such as camp nursing and burn nursing. It depends on the choice and interest of the nurse. Several nursing institutes offer many courses that count towards specialization degrees and diplomas for specialization in nursing. Other nursing specialties that might attract and interest nurses include psychiatric and mental health nursing, midwifery, school nursing, substance abuse nursing, community service nursing, maternal-child health nursing, infectious diseases nursing, and trauma nursing. The courses for these specializations cater to comprehensive training needs of nurses all over the country.

A nurse must pick and choose an area of specialization that he or she feels can be rewarding and promising as a career and is according to the nurse’s caliber. Nursing plays a vital and crucial role in the hospitals and health progress of patients. Nurses with proper specialization diplomas are paid well and trained frequently to ensure the good health of patients. Nurses must be well trained because the responsibility on their shoulders is enormous.

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