How to Become A Wound Care Nurse

Job outlook for registered nurses is quite positive; with a higher than average expected employment growth rate between 2012 and 2022 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nurses may work in different settings and provide a variety of services. Some are responsible for looking after the elderly patients while others focus on treating and attending to the ones in critical condition.

Wound care nurses work in hospitals, wound care centers, nursing homes and public health agencies, where they assess, treat and monitor patients’ wounds. They also promote health management practices that prevent recurrence and relapse.  These nurses perform a careful assessment of the wounds present, and develop a treatment plan. They may remove dead tissue and contaminants from the wounds, clean and bandage as well.

Wound care nurses also educate patients and other healthcare staff on the management and prevention of wounds. They are required to work in emergency conditions during daytime hours, with evenings, weekends and holidays free.

Educational Requirements

Aspiring wound care nurses should preferably hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing. They should also hold a current RN license. Besides, wound care nurses need to complete a graduate degree program or a wound care education program accredited by the Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society.

A wound care education program includes both classroom instruction as well as hands-on experience. It may span over 2-3 months depending on the enrollment status of the students. Students can also focus on a particular area within this field, such as foot care or ostomy.

Online Programs

Students who want to become wound care nurses can also acquire the knowledge and skills essential for working in this field by working towards a degree program online. The online programs allow students to study from virtually any place and complete a program at their own pace.

The online programs can be very useful for the ones who want to switch careers without making major changes to their existing routine. Some schools also offer nursing programs in hybrid format. Students can take some classes in traditional settings while others can be managed on the web.


Wound care nurses need to earn a license in order to pursue a wound care education program or for pursuing certification. For this, candidates must pass a certification exam administered by the Wound Ostomy and Continence Certification Board.

Skills for Wound Care Nurses

Wound care nurses should have an understanding of anatomy and physiology, general nursing concepts and patient care. They should also have leadership and organization skills. Patience and ability to remain calm in critical situations is also very important.

Career Prospects

As jobs for registered nurses are expected to grow between 2012 and 2022, becoming a wound care nurse can be a smart career choice. These nurses can possibly find opportunities in several healthcare settings including nursing homes, hospitals and wound care centers.

The income of these professionals may vary by experience, qualification and geographic location. As of 2012, the median annual wage for registered nurses was $65,470, as stated by the BLS. Nurses may also get a number of other additional benefits such as bonuses, life insurance and educational benefits.




Ask an Expert

Q:Can you tell me about the exact job description of a wound Care Nurse?

A:A Wound Care Nurse is basically a healthcare professional who treats patients with simple wounds or minor abrasions. These nurses can be found working in all kinds of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions. Wound care nurses have acquired specialization in treating wounds that may lead to serious complications if left untreated. For more information about this nursing specialty, take a look at our page.

Q:What is wound care nursing all about?

A:Wound care nursing is a specialty field. Nurses who specialize in this field basically treat patients with minor abrasion and open wounds. It is important to remember that such wounds may lead to sever health issues and infections if left untreated. Wound care nurses are found working in all types of healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics.

Q:Can I earn a wound care nurse certification online?

A:You can search online to see which online institutes are offering wound care nurse certification courses online. This mode of education is efficient, cost-friendly, and flexible in many ways. You can study at your own pace and time without having to worry about attending campus-based classes. To find out more, browse through our page.

Q:Is the demand for Wound Care Nurse high?

A:The nursing occupation is the largest workforce in the healthcare industry. Nurses are expected to grow in demand in the coming years. This applies to all nursing specialties include wound care nurses. If you have the passion and the desire to help people suffering from injuries, becoming a wound care nurse can be suitable career choice.

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