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A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is an individual who works closely with, and under the supervision of a registered nurse to provide health care to sick or recovering individuals. From handling medical equipment, to helping prepare a patient for surgery, and also taking care of the patient post-operation, CNA classes online will instruct you in the required skills.


You will have to complete a basic nursing assistance training program in order to enter this field. These courses vary in duration from university to university, typkically lasting for about eight weeks and cover various nursing assistance theories, in addition to the practical application of these theories to real-world scenarios.

 Taking online certified nursing assistant classes will allow you to receive full credits for all the coursework you successfully complete.



Admission requirements for an online certified nursing assistant program


If you choose to pursue an online certified nursing assistant program, the university or college that you intend to apply to may ask you to fulfill certain requirements before they consider giving you admission. These prerequisites may vary from university to university but normally include the following:

·         A high school diploma or GED or equivalent

·         Official high school transcripts

·         Letter or recommendation

·         An acceptable GPA, a GPA of 3.0 or above is preferable

·         Proof of proficiency in the English language in some cases, such as in the case of international students

·         Personal statement

Some colleges or universities also require you to undergo a health examination as part of the admission process, before they allow you to pursue this program. These examinations screen you for the presence of various diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis, which can disqualify you from the admission process.

Some universities or colleges may give preference to students with previous high school coursework in related subjects such as biology, during the admission process.

To make your admission application stand out, list any medical or nursing-related internship that you might have done.



What will a certified nursing assistant program teach you?


The curriculum of a certified nursing assistant program teaches you the role of a nursing assistant, and helps you develop an understanding of family, individual, community and resident healthcare needs. In addition to this, the program introduces you to restorative services, acute conditions, personal care skills, anatomy, chronic conditions, nutrition, physiology, hydration and rehabilitation.

The program also enhances and develops various skills in the students that are required to become an efficient certified nursing assistant and practice effectively in intermediate care, acute care and long-term care settings. These skills include communication skills, patience, being detail-oriented, physical stamina and compassion.

These classes also teach students to collect patient data, communicate with patients, check data for accuracy and assist patients in daily living activities, in addition to assisting doctors and registered nurses to move patients.

Coursework may vary from university to university but normally includes the following core courses:

·         Basic nursing techniques and skills

·         Social services

·         Mental health

·         Addressing needs of the patient

·         Patient rights and state law

·         Promoting patient independence

·         Emergency procedures

·         Nursing regulations and rules

·         Infection control

·         HIV training

·         Safety precautions

·         Introduction to CPR, methods and application

·         Physiology

·         Human anatomy

·         Nursing team skills

·         Nutrition

·         Methods to prevent infections

·         Methods to prevent spread of diseases

Most colleges and universities include laboratory or practical training in their curriculum. The primary objective of this activity is to give a hands-on experience to students, so that they may learn to apply theories learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios.



CNA Licensure, registration and certifications


After you successfully complete a state-approved accredited nursing assistance program, you need to clear a competency exam. After passing this exam you will be allowed to practice in the respective state and use a state-specific title, such as a certified nursing assistant.

After you pass this exam, you will also be listed on the state’s registry, which in addition allows you to potentially practice in nursing homes also.

Some states require you to pursue continuing-education programs in order to retain your registration or licensure, while other states do a background or criminal record check before issuing you the license, in addition to the above-mentioned exam.

Acquiring a certification is not obligatory for nursing assistants, but it may show professionalism and competency. Nursing assistants could acquire the Certified Medication Assistant credential, which technically allows them to administer medication to patients.       



CNA Career statistics


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual median salary of nursing assistants was $24,420 in May, 2012.

The bureau projected that the number of people working as nursing assistants would grow by 21 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is much faster than the average of all occupations.



Ask an Expert

Q:How are online cna classes conducted?

A:Certified Assistant classes are now being offered by many schools online. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. The coursework is covered online through video tutorial, online lectures, multimedia presentations, and classroom conferencing. However, some schools may offer hybrid curriculums. This means you may be required to take a few training classes at the campus.

Q:Is it possible to enroll in cna certification classes online?

A:Yes, it is absolutely possible to enroll in online CNA classes online. Online education in the field of nursing has become popular. The coursework of online classes is covered through online lectures, videos, and conferencing. These classes can be studied from any location and any time. You can also save up on extra costs since you will not be required to travel or purchase textbooks.

Q:Are online cna classes cheaper?

A:According to reviews and research, online education has proved to be more cost efficient. Students who enroll in online programs no longer have to go through unnecessary travelling expenses. Side by side, students do not have to purchase textbooks for online courses since the program is covered through online lectures and videos.

Q:How are cna certification classes conducted online?

A:The coursework of online cna programs is covered with the help of online lectures and conferencing, videos, and online notes. Students only require a PC and an internet connection to study online programs. This mode of learning is highly suitable for those who do have the time to attend a college.

Q:How much are cna classes going to cost me?

A:The cost of pursuing CRNA classes will basically depend upon the institute you enroll in. All schools have their own cost structure and fee demands. You can however opt for financial assistance by filling out a FAFSA form. On the other hand, online CRNA classes can prove to be more affordable as there are no travelling or text book expenses.

Q:What do I need to enroll in online cna training classes?

A:You must have a laptop/PC and an internet connection to enroll in online CNA classes. There are many institutes offering online classes in this field. The coursework is typically covered through videos, online lectures, conferencing, and more. Take a look at our page for more information about online CNA classes.

Q:Where do I search for local cna classes?

A:You can easily search online to see which colleges or vocational schools are offering CNA classes. This program can also be pursued online as many schools have now started offering online education. Online learning is not only affordable, but is also flexible and convenient. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:From where can I pursue free online cna classes?

A:CNA classes are offered online by many schools. However, you must cover the tuition fee to enroll in the program. If you are seeking a less expensive program, you can try applying for student loans, grants, or scholarships. However, online education is much affordable as compared to campus-based degrees and programs.

Q:Are there any key skills I will develop in certified nursing assistant programs?

A:Yes, in a certified nurse assistant program, you will not only build strong theory-based concepts, but will also gain practical experience. The program will help you develop strong communication skills, problem-solving skills, written skills, assessment skills, analysis skills, and observation skills. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:How do I select the most appropriate certified nursing assistant classes online?

A:Choosing the right school for CNA training is important. With so many school options available, selecting a school may be tricky. However, it is recommended that you keep in mind the following points: accreditation of the school, faculty and staff qualifications, online program structure, educational facilities and resources, and ranking of the school.

Q:After completing certified nursing assistant courses, where can I get a job?

A:After completing a certified nursing assistant course, you can take the certification exam in your state. This will help you seek job opportunities in all kinds of healthcare institutions such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric hospitals, retirement facilities, and day care facilities. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:Certified nursing assistant certification classes focus upon which areas?

A:Certified assistant nursing classes are design to prepare students for a career as a CNA. The classes focus upon various topics such as nutrition, infection control, nursing skills, nursing ethics, healthcare delivery system, anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. The exact curriculum will vary from school to school. Browse through our page for detail.

Q:What is the purpose of certified nursing assistant schools?

A:CNA schools have been set up all across the nation, to help provide students with formal education and training in this field. Students can prepare for the career of a certified nursing assistant by enrolling in CNA schools. The program will enhance theory-based learning and will provide students with basic nursing skills needed for the career.

Q:Can you tell me about the common structure of cna online classes?

A:CNA classes are offered by man nursing schools throughout the nation. These classes have been designed to provide students with skill and knowledge that will help them prepare for nursing assistant careers. Typically, the classes will cover theoretical courses and practical courses. Some of the classes are covered in learning labs where students can practice and polish their nursing skills.

Q:How and where do I find cheap cna classes?

A:CNA classes are offered by a number of nursing schools. The tuition fee or costs of CNA classes will vary from school to school. If you are looking for affordable classes, it is recommended that you opt for an online program. In online learning, there is no extra expenditure related to travelling or text book. On the other hand, you can also search for schools that offer financial aid.

Q:Do free cna classes online and campus-based classes cover the same kind of curriculum?

A:Yes, CNA classes offered by campus-based institutes and online schools offer the same curriculum. It is only the mode of learning which is different. Students will cover the same fundamental and advanced study areas. Important subjects that are covered in these classes include anatomy, physiology, nursing ethics, and nursing practice.

Q:In accredited online cna classes, are there any topics related to nutrition?

A:Yes, most CNA courses will cover various subjects related to nutrition and personal care. Nursing assistants must have knowledge of various diets and nutrition plans for patients. A course on nutrition will help students learn about various nutrition facts, health issues, and more. You can check with the prospective school to see if their CNA curriculum entails a course on nutrition.

Q:Can you tell me about online classes for cna license?

A:A CNA course will prepare you for the job role of a certified nursing assistant. The program will equip you with basic nursing skills and strong foundation of theory-based knowledge. Once you have completed the course, you can apply for a CNA license and certification. This license will allow you to work independently or with a nursing home/hospital.

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