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The nursing industry in the United States is among the fastest growing in the world. With an increasing number of individuals from the baby boomers generation entering old age, and advances in medical technology, the need for qualified health care professionals is very high.

If you are interested in transitioning into a career in nursing, your first position may be as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). In order for you to be qualified for this, you will need formal training. LPN schools are present across the US to cater to individuals who wish to enter the field. They offer a highly specialized and dedicated curriculum which teaches you both the theoretical and practical application of basic nursing techniques. In order to be eligible for these programs, you must meet the minimum requirement of a high school education. Many institutes are also using the internet to their advantage. Online LPN schools offer excellent flexibility and convenience for individuals who are working for full or part-time jobs. Over the course of a year – the standard length of an LPN school’s program – you will learn first-aid and emergency response. You will also be taught the correct ways of administering physiotherapy and monitoring food and nutrition levels in different individuals. As an LPN, you will be working under the guidance of healthcare professionals and registered nurses to aid the needs of the injured, sick, and recovering patients.
Whether you are looking for an LPN school online, it is imperative that the program is approved by the Board of Nursing of the specific state you are residing in. In order to be granted permission by the state to practice your profession, you will need to pass a licensing exam. The prerequisites for this exam include having passed through a state-approved program. You will be required to take the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN) exam upon completing your vocational training. Passing this exam is going to authorize you to practice nursing in public and private facilities with equal ease. Your skill set will allow you to work within every department, from pediatrics to obstetrics to medical-surgical nursing as well.
People who have completed training from LPN schools have the option of transitioning into a Bachelor’s program in nursing, and of becoming a registered nurse since they meet the prerequisites for both. These advanced courses teach skills that supplement your existing knowledge and help boost your career growth. Online LPN schools sometimes offer LPN-to-RN ‘bridge programs’ to facilitate the transition. Some LPN schools also offer continuing education programs where some US states require licensed practical nurses to study throughout the year. These programs offer specialized training in new medical technologies, helping you stay at pace with the growth of your industry.
Both online LPN schools and formal schools are an excellent option to consider for new entrants to the field of nursing. Whether you are looking at nursing as a serious career path, or simply want to learn more about first aid and emergency medical treatment, these courses offer the best training.

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Q:After high school I am planning to enroll in lpn schools online. What will I need for admission?

A:To qualify for admission in an LPN program, you must fulfill the basic admission requirements of the school. Generally, you will be required to submit the official transcript of you high school diploma and a letter of recommendation. You must also complete the nursing prerequisite courses which include anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and more. It is important top note that the admission requirements will vary slightly from school to school.

Q:Why is accreditation important when it comes to enrolling in lpn nursing schools?

A:Accreditation basically reflects a school's compliance with rules and quality standards set by the higher education commission. The HEC has authorized various regional agencies to accredit schools and oversee their program offerings. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) is the main board that accredits nursing schools all over the nation.

Q:What financial aid programs are available for lpn schooling?

A:Most nursing schools which are accredited offer federal aid programs to students who cannot cover the costs of nursing programs. Students must fill out a FAFSA form online. This form will evaluate their financial need and determine eligibility. Popular federal aid programs include the Perkins loan, Stafford loan, PLUS loan, scholarships, and grants.

Q:Can you help me select the best lpn to rn schools?

A:As the field of nursing is advancing, many LPNs are seeking degree programs that will help them move up the corporate ladder. Schools all over the nation are offering LPN to RN programs that prepare practical nurses for careers as Registered nurses. To select the best school, make sure you check the following factors: accreditation, faculty qualification, student review and ranking, and cots of the program.

Q:Can you tell me what is the benefit of accredited online lpn schools and why I shouldn't enroll in an unaccredited school?

A:Accredited online nursing schools are approved by a authorized accrediting agency. Accreditation will mean that the school is following all quality standards set by the higher education commission. On the other hand, unaccredited schools are not approved. Earning a degree from an unaccredited school can lead to difficulty in finding a job later on.

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