National Council Of State Boards Of Nursing

Boards of Nursing
Boards of Nursing are responsible for the regulation of nursing practice. State governments set up boards of nursing to look after the public's health and welfare by ensuring the safe practice of nursing. This is achieved by settings the standards for safe nursing care and issuing licenses. After issuing the license, the board's continues to oversee that the nurses comply with the state laws.

Each state determines the administrative job of the board of nursing. The board may report to the governor of the state, a state agency or both the governor and a state agency. Board structures and authority vary from board to board. Individuals who serve on a board of nursing include licensed practical/vocational nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, registered nurses, as well as consumers.
Each state has a Nurse Practice Act that is enforced by nursing boards. Nurses are obliged to follow the rules contained within the act to retain their licenses. The law describes the scope of practice, the nursing titles that are permitted to be used and the qualifications for licensure.
National Council of State Boards of Nursing
The National Council of State Boards of Nursing is dedicated towards providing education, service, and research to promote evidence-based regulatory merit for patient safety. Its aim is to advance regulatory excellence on the global level. It believes in forging solutions through respect and diversity. The organization’s mission is to make boards of nursing counsel among themselves and act together on common issues pertaining to public health and safety. It also includes development of licensing examinations in the field of nursing.
NCSBN believes in innovation and embraces changes that it considers as an opportunity to improve all organizational initiatives. It turns new ideas into reality by following high standards of integrity, transparency and dedication.
NCLEX Examinations
NCSBN member board jurisdictions require individuals seeking licensure to pass an examination that gauges their potential work safely as an entry-level nurse. NCSBN has developed the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses and the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses. These tests help the boards of nursing to make a decision regarding all licensure related matters.
Duties of National Council of State Boards of Nursing
NCSBN enforces the Nurse Practice Act and nurse licensure. It is also responsible for approving nursing education programs and developing practice standards. In addition, the board of nursing develops polices and rules and regulation as well, which are usually structured and voted upon by the NCSBN’s Delegate Assembly that meets annually in August.
Online Courses
NCSBN also offers online courses to students to enable them to prepare for exams in a convenient manner.  NCSBN Learning Extension helps nursing professionals at every stage of their profession. It can help nursing students, nurses as well as nurse educators to enhance their knowledge and skills and qualify for rewarding jobs.  NCSBN’s Continuing Education courses are taught by distinguished nursing experts and equip learners with core competencies, while nurse educators can benefit from other NCSBN courses that can help them assess student learning progress.

Ask an Expert

Q:What should I know about national council of state boards of nursing?

A:National Council of State Boards of Nursing provides education, services, and research to come up with standards that promote patient safety. It also aims to enhance regulatory excellence worldwide. The mission of the organization is to create nursing council boards and collectively act on issues of public health and safety. The council also develops licensing exams for nurses.

Q:What is the national council of state boards of nursing ncsbn?

A:The national council of state boards of nursing ncsbn is a non-profit organization that aims at addressing common concerns of nursing boards in all states, and promoting healthcare on a wider scale. The organization also helps develop the examinations in licensing and lends support to all other nursing boards. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:While searching for the state board of nursing license verification in my state, I found out that a nursing board is responsible for renewing licenses. Can you tell me more?

A:Every state's nursing board is authorized to issue licenses to nurses, and also renew nursing licenses. All nurses must take the state licensing examination to get a hold of a valid license. One must have at least an LPN degree to be eligible to sit in the exam. A nursing license must be renewed every few years, depending upon which state you live in.

Q:What services does the nursing state board provide?

A:Every state has a main nursing board that is responsible for overseeing the nursing profession. The board offers a variety of services such as the following: issuing licenses, renewing licenses, conducting the NCLEX exam, regulating and implementing rules, addressing key issues and legal matters relevant to ten using practice, and issuing licenses in various nursing specialties.

Q:Which board of nursing issues licenses?

A:The nursing board in each state is responsible for issuing nursing licenses. Individuals who have completed their nursing education must apply for a license and take the NCLEX examination conducted by the board. This exam is mainly designed to test and evaluate the nursing skill of a student. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:Can you briefly tell me what is the national state board of nursing?

A:The national state board of nursing is a not-for-profit organization that provides assistance and guidance to other state nursing boards. Nursing boards in each state can come together on this platform to discuss and address issues, promote health, and develop procedures for licensing. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:While I was reading about the national council of state boards of nursing inc, I came across the eligibility requirements for nursing exams. Can you tell me more?

A:To qualify for the NCLEX exam in your state, you must fulfill the basis eligibility requirements which are set by the nursing board. You must have a nursing degree completed. You can choose to go for a LPN degree or an RN degree, depending upon your career interest and future goals. The exam will test your skills and knowledge as a nurse.

Q:What is the mission of the National council state board of nursing?

A:The national council state board of nursing has comprises of 50 state memberships and has been set up to promote nursing and healthcare. The board enforces all kinds of nursing rules and sets standards for nursing practice. All state nursing boards must comply with the rules set by the national council state board of nursing.

Q:Can you give me some information about the board of nursing compact states?

A:The nurse licensure compact enables nurses to practice nursing in any state. This has increased the mobility of nurses and has streamlines the healthcare system. Prior to this, nurses were only allowed to practice in their own state. However, nurses interested in this must fulfill the requirements for the nurse licensure compact.

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