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Healthcare in the United States and across the world is becoming more and more complex. In order to be prepared to handle the challenges of the field, students are seeking out the best training programs on offer. But how can you identify the best nursing schools from the huge number of options, and what can you learn at these schools? Continue reading to find out the answers.


Finding the best nursing schools

Simply searching for the best schools for nursing on Google will give you a number of results. Different organizations have ranked schools in order of their academic rigor, facilities, and the success of their graduates. The information is freely available online.

A good way to identify the best nursing schools is to look up the programs on your State Board of Nursing’s website. These websites contain an extensive list of schools offering an accredited curriculum and all the right facilities needed for your training. The best schools are those which don’t compromise on the quality of their education, are more rigorous than their counterparts in terms of program curriculum, and offer acceptance to only the top students from among thousands of applicants.

Many of these schools stand ahead of the pack because they offer more comprehensive learning opportunities. In addition to the degree programs that you may enroll in, these schools also provide many chances for you  to gain insight into the field of medicine. This is done through regular seminars, projects, and internships to help you sharpen your skill set.

Some of these schools are also known for offering a wider range of specialties that students can choose from. With nursing becoming more complex, today’s students have a chance to focus their learning on one of the many areas of medicine. However, they may be limited in their options.

What does it take to be accepted?

Students who wish to attend the best nursing schools should be prepared to go the extra mile at all levels of their education. These students take up courses in biology, chemistry, and mathematics in high school to meet the prerequisites for college. They are also actively involved in research within the life sciences, and display a passion for the field in their activities and applications. While a GPA of 3.0 is considered to be good academic standing, these top schools look favorably upon candidates with even higher GPAs.

What if I’m not looking for a top-tier college?

While the best nursing schools may include only a handful of prominent names, this doesn’t mean they are the best for you. Different students choose different places based on their own personal and professional preferences. Some students value the cost of their education, and for them the best school will be the one providing a quality education for a lesser amount of money. Other students may find a program better because of its location, or because the specialization is in tune with what they want to do. The important thing is to look through the lists of schools thoroughly before settling on any one.


Select a School in which you're Interested:

    Kaplan University Online

    Liberty University Online

    Walden University Online

    Keiser University eCampus

    Colorado Technical University Online

    Georgetown University

    Indiana State University

    Chamberlain College of Nursing

    Kent State University

    Lewis University

    Ohio University

    Sacred Heart University

    University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    Anna Maria College

    Benedictine University Online

    Colorado Christian University

    Gonzaga University

    Saint Xavier University

    Loyola University New Orleans Online

    Saint Peter's College

    American Sentinel University

    Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences

    Graceland University

    National American University

    Norwich University

    Post University Online

    Rasmussen College

    University of Cincinnati

    Baker College Online

    Drexel University Online

    Grantham University

    Herzing University

    Ohio Christian University

    Our Lady of the Lake University

    Spring Arbor University

    Sullivan University

    University of Illinois at Chicago

    University of Saint Mary

    Concordia University - Nebraska

    Gannon University

    University of San Francisco

    Capella University

    The University of Arizona

Ask an Expert

Q:What are the top nursing schools offering?

A:The program offerings of nursing schools will vary slightly from one place to another. Usually, the most common nursing programs offered include: LPN degree, BSN degrees, MSN degrees, nursing certifications, and training programs. The admission requirements and eligibility criteria depend upon which program you choose to enroll in. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:Will I qualify for a nursing career if I graduate from online nursing schools?

A:Yes, you will qualify for a nursing career even if you earn a degree online. Employers do not differentiate between online and campus-based degrees. However, only a degree is not enough to qualify you for a career. You must take the licensing examinations and also undergo formal training. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:To qualify for the best nursing schools, what do I need?

A:If you plan to enroll in a nursing program offered by a renowned institute, you will need to fulfill the admission requirements and the nursing prerequisites. You must have a thorough understanding of prerequisite courses such as anatomy and physiology. Apart from this, you may also need to provide a high school transcript with a minimum C grade in all science courses.

Q:Why are so many students enrolling in online nursing schools?

A:Online nursing education is becoming a fast growing trend in academics. Now students do not have to attend campus-based classes top become a nurse. A number of accredited nursing schools are offering online nursing degrees to aspiring young students. This mode of learning is flexible, cost-friendly, manageable, and more convenient.

Q:Are all online schools for nursing accredited by the nursing board?

A:To find out which nursing school is accredited, you will either have to get in touch with the school, or conduct a search online. There are many renowned institutes in every state that offer nursing degrees such as the LPN program, BSN program, and RN program. Take a look at our page where you will find a list of accredited nursing schools.

Q:Are there any good nursing schools?

A:Yes, there are many good nursing schools in the nation. These schools have built repute and recognition by offering quality services in this field. Some of the most popular nursing degree programs available are: licensed practical nurse degree (LPN), Registered nurse degree (RN), Bachelor of Science in nursing, and masters of Science in nursing.

Q:Can you tell me about the nursing school requirements?

A:To enroll in a nursing school, you must have meet the admission criteria set by the chosen school. The admission requirements will vary from place to place. Generally, applicants must submit their high school transcript and a letter of recommendation. Apart from this, students must complete the basic nursing prerequisite courses.

Q:Can you tell me about the coursework of accredited online nursing schools?

A:You can now pursue a nursing degree from an online school. The mode of online learning has made higher education extremely feasible and flexible. The coursework in an online nursing degree is covered online through videos, lectures, presentations, and slideshows. However, in some programs, you may have to take a few classes at the campus.

Q:How can I select from the top online nursing schools?

A:It is recommended that you opt for a nursing school that is accredited and ranked among the leading schools. However, it is equally important that you pick a school that fits you budget and academic goal. Some important points to keep in mind are: ranking, student reviews, coursework and program offerings, teachers and staff, and educational facilities being offered.

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