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Just like other parts of the country, there is a shortage of nurses in the state of Alaska. In fact, there are scores of new jobs for nurses in the medical industry in Alaska. There is a great demand for nursing educators as well as RNs to serve in different capacities. There are thousands of nursing jobs in Alaska. Particularly in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau, where there is an extreme shortage of these healthcare professionals which has opened up several new jobs for nurses. Why Pursue Nursing Jobs in Alaska? Pursuing nursing jobs in Alaska can lead students to establish extremely lucrative careers. There are scores of aging nurses that are retiring from jobs which creates more demand for new nurses. This is why there are prolific nursing jobs in Alaska in various medical settings such as: Hospitals Physician offices Nursing homes Schools Other than great basic salaries, nurses are also being offered a number of career benefits such as bonuses and flexible work schedules. Top Employers in Alaska Some of the medical facilities and hospitals where students can find nursing jobs are: Alaska Regional Hospital Alaska Native Medical Center Bassett Army Community Hospital Kanakanak Hospital Denali Center Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Maniilaq Health Center Nursing Schools in Alaska There are a number of nursing schools in Alaska that are offering different training programs to produce more and more nurses. There are various online nursing schools as well. The flexibility of the online schools enables more and more students to enroll in to nursing programs. Some of the most popular nursing institutes in the state of Alaska are: University of Phoenix College of Health and Human Services Walden University School of Nursing Jacksonville University - School of Nursing Kaplan University School of Nursing Western Governors University - Nursing Educational Programs for Nurses Students have the choice of a number of training programs to pursue their education in this specialized medical field. They can go for nursing programs such as: LPN programs Associate’s degree in nursing Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) Master’s degree in nursing (MSN) LPN to RN program RN to MSN programs Aspiring nurses can choose a program according to their individual career goals. The LPN programs are suitable for students who desire to work at entry level positions. Individuals who wish to find rewarding nursing jobs in Alaska should go for BSN or MSN degree programs. Working nurses who wish to pursue higher level positions can go for online programs and give a boost to their career. Popular Nursing Jobs in Alaska Here are some of the most popular Nursing Jobs in Alaska: Educators Nurse specialist Clinical nurses Public heath nurses Staff nurses emergency nurses traveling nurses Practical nurses LPNs Salaries for Nursing Jobs in Alaska On average, nurses in Alaska can earn $52,170 annually. Nurses with higher degrees and more work experience can get administrative positions in different healthcare settings and universities. They can earn up to $ 115,000 annually.

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Q:To qualify for Alaska nursing jobs, what minimum education do I need?

A:If you live in Alaska, or are planning to work there as a nurse, you need to have a nursing degree and a license. There are all kinds of nursing programs you can opt for. The most popular nursing degree is the RN degree. Apart from this, you can choose to go for an LPN degree or even a BSN degree. With the degree in hand, you can take part in the NCLEX examination in Alaska and earn a professional license.

Q:Can you give me some information about Alaska RN jobs?

A:The demand for nurses is high in all states, including Alaska. There are many different healthcare institutions that hire these nurses, ranging from hospitals to clinics and from labs to rehabilitation centers. To apply for RN jobs in Alaska, you must have an RN degree along with a professional license issued by the board of nursing.

Q:I am applying for RN jobs in Alaska, what different specialty areas can I work in?

A:Nursing is a broad field that comprises of many different specialty areas. You can work in pediatrics, oncology, surgical nursing, gerontology, post natal care, intensive care, and more. However, it is important that you have acquired a certification in the specialty field you plan to work in. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:What are the duties of job description of travel nursing jobs in Alaska?

A:Travel nurses are required to provide healthcare services to patients when there is a shortage of nurses. These work in temporary nursing positions and offer basic nursing services. Travel nurses can specialize in a certain field such as emergency nursing, oncology nursing, and more. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:To qualify for Alaska nurse jobs, do I need a license in Alaska?

A:Yes, if you plan to work as nurse in Alaska, you must have a nursing license issued by the nursing board in Alaska. Holding a license to practice nursing is mandatory in every state. To get a license, you will have to clear the nursing examinations conducted by the nursing board. You can also opt for a multi-state license that will allow you work as a nurse in multiple states.

Q:I want to know the details of registered nurse jobs in Alaska?

A:Alaska has many healthcare institutions that hire registered nurses. These nurses are required to provide healthcare services to patients. From administering medication to managing patient charts and from providing emotional support to performing CPR, these nurses perform a wide range of clinical tasks. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:Can you tell me briefly about the lpn jobs in Alaska?

A:There are hundreds of licensed practitioner nurses working in the state of Alaska. These nurses are qualified and licensed to provide clinical services to patients. Some of the main job duties include administering medication, checking vitals, assisting physicians, checking patient charts, and more. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:While searching for nursing jobs in anchorage Alaska, I found out that I need to have a LPN or RN license. How do I apply for a license?

A:To apply for a nursing license in Alaska, you must first complete a nursing degree such as the LPN degree or the RN degree. Once your nursing education is complete, you can appear in the NCLEX examination conducted by the Nursing Board in Alaska. The exam must be passed to get a license. Browse through our page for information.

Q:I would like to take advantage of the growing job opportunities in Alaska for nurses. How do I apply?

A:To work as a nurse in Alaska, you must have a license issued by the nursing board in Alaska. The board conducts the licensure examination known as the NCLEX. If you have completed you education in any other state, you must acquire a multi-state license to work as a nurse in Alaska, or re-take the exam in this state. Browse through our page for more detail.

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