LPN Programs in Florida

According to statistics, the demand for nursing professionals is continuously on the increase. The increasing population and developments in medical science call for additional nurses and other medical staff in healthcare settings across the country. Students who want to find entry level positions in nursing can enroll in various LPN programs in Florida. These programs allow learners to enter the thriving nursing sector at a faster pace as compared to other programs in nursing. Once students complete an LPN program, they can earn the licensure required to practice this profession.

LPN School in Florida
There are various schools in Florida that offer LPN programs. You can enroll in technical schools or community colleges that offer LPN certificates or diploma programs and enter the nursing profession. To enroll in the courses of these programs, you must possess a high school diploma or GED. You may also need to have a certification as a certified nurse assistant if the need arises. Some schools also require aspiring LPNs to complete specific courses. Other requirements for admission may vary by school.

Curriculum in LPN Programs in Florida

LPN programs equip students with knowledge and skills required to provide healthcare facilities to patients suffering from different conditions. Topics in these programs may include fundamental nursing practices, physiology, pharmacology and medical-surgical nursing. Students will also get to know about legal and ethical nursing, geriatric nursing and microbiology.
Job Opportunities
Students who complete LPN programs can readily find lucrative career opportunities in clinics, hospitals and other healthcare settings. Jobs for these nursing professionals are expected to grow by 21% during the period from 2008 to 2018. LPNs can earn in the range of $29,000 to $56,000 on an annual basis. The income of these nurses may vary by their experience and job location.
Continuing Education
Students who complete LPNs can continue their education to improve their career prospects by enrolling in BSN or MSN programs. The ones who want to become registered nurses can enroll in these advanced degrees in nursing and find the jobs in many promising career streams. Bachelors programs in nursing can be completed in 4 years while a master’s degree takes 1-2 years to complete. Other than classroom lessons, students also go acquire practical experience in clinical settings to get hands-on training. Compared to LPNs, there is more demand for RNs with advanced degrees across the country. RNs with specialties such as surgery, pediatrics etc can find the most well-paid jobs.
Nursing Programs Online
Nursing programs are offered by various online schools as well. Students who want to pursue a career as an LPN or RN can enroll in online programs and become qualified at their own convenience. These programs are highly flexible and enable learners to study at timings that suit their personal routines. The online courses in nursing are also more affordable, which makes them a suitable choice for students with limited financial resources. Working professionals seeking a career in nursing can do so without disrupting their existing routines by enrolling in online nursing programs and become nursing professionals in a convenient manner.


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Q:How can I get my license after completion of lpn programs in Florida?

A:To get a valid nursing license, you must first complete a nursing degree such as the LPN or RN from an accredited nursing school. The next step is to take the NCLEX-LPN examination in the state. This is a nursing examination conducted by the state's nursing board and is mandatory to pass if you wish to get a license. For more information, take a look at our page.

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