RN Programs in Florida

The nursing sector in Florida is ranked among the best healthcare providers in the nation. This state has achieved recognition for offering quality medical services to patients. There are over 19,000,000 people currently residing in Florida, out of which a large proportion is aged over 50. With an ageing population, the demand for nursing services is high. It is important to have nurses available in all specialty areas to treat and cater to the needs of the ill.

Due to the high demand of nurses In Florida, many renowned nursing institutes have been set up to educate students interested in becoming skilled nurses. From LPN programs to RN programs, one can find all kinds of degree programs here. These are designed to prepare individuals for the roles of nurse practitioners.
Nursing programs in Florida
The main nursing programs available to students include RN programs, LPN programs, and nursing bridge programs. A registered nurse program is one of the most comprehensive nursing programs one can enroll in. RN programs in Florida take around 2 to 3 years to complete. Students cover a wide range of subjects that equip them with in-depth knowledge about the healthcare field. Anatomy, physiology, and nursing ethics are a few of the subjects that are embedded in the curriculum. Side by side, students also take part in practical training sessions that help them develop their nursing skills. RN schools in Florida also provide these programs online to students who are unable to attend classes at the campus.
LPN programs are more basic nursing degrees that are aimed at providing students with fundamental knowledge of this area. Students who have earned an LPN degree can work as general nurses. However, through a bridge program, licensed practitioner nurses can enhance their qualifications and move up the corporate ladder. LPN to RN programs in Florida are geared towards equipping LPN students with the advanced knowledge and skills that will qualify them for RN job roles. The bridge program also takes into account previous work experience of the student.
Over the years, various nursing specialties have expanded and become an important part of the healthcare industry. Anesthesiology is ranked among the most popular and highest paid nursing specialties. CRNA schools in Florida offer specializations in this area and prepare students for anesthetist occupations. CRNA programs in Florida are accredited and approved by the Nursing Board here.
Nursing Careers in Florida
With the nursing field becoming so diverse, there are plenty of areas one can specialize in. Students who love children and want to make a positive difference in their lives can become pediatric nurses, while those who want to help cancer patients can become oncology nurses. The income level that nurses can earn in a year will depend on the level of qualification they have earned, along with relevant work experience. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses make approximately $41,000 per year, licensed practitioner nurses make $28,000 per year, and certified registered nurse anesthetists make $83,000 per year. Being part of the nursing sector can turn out to be a rewarding  profession for aspiring nurses.

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