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Are you interested in a career in nursing? Nursing programs in Georgia are available to help you gain the best learning experience and gain a competitive edge in the healthcare sector.

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At entry level, students can apply for a Bachelors of Science in nursing program, which lasts for four years and includes courses on social sciences and mathematics. Healthcare is becoming an increasingly complex field, and today’s nurses are involved in more areas than just patient recovery. Nursing programs in Georgia realize this, and provides students with a holistic learning experience.

Students in these nursing programs will cover courses in medicine like Anatomy, Nutrition, Physiology, and also Psychology. They will also be required to take courses in writing and sociology. Basic mathematics courses like statistics and algebra may also be required. This combination aims to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and also become effective communicators and leaders in the workplace.

Coursework specific to nursing will make students aware of the latest trends in the field, and how to adapt these when dealing with different age groups or health problems. Students can choose to concentrate their training to deal specifically with adults or children, or families with children for instance.

There is also an option for an accelerated undergraduate degree. This will cover the same amount of coursework in a shorter period of time, and is recommended only for those students who are sure of their commitment to the field.

Graduate level programs are also available for those who want to further their learning into a particular area of medicine or healthcare. Master’s graduates can become Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, or Nurse Practitioners. At a doctoral level, students will conduct research into a field of medicine, which can be used in academic teaching and professional practice.

Further information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage in 2012 for Registered Nurses was $60,770, with roughly 64,000 jobs available in the same year. Before you can enter this field, you will need to clear the National Council for Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses.


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Q:Can you give me some detail about accelerated nursing programs in Georgia?

A:Accelerated nursing programs are offered by many nursing schools in the state of Georgia. These programs take less than traditional degree programs. The coursework is completed at a faster pace and may require hard work. You can search online to see what schools are currently offering online accelerated degrees. Browse through our page for more information.

Q:Can you tell me about the coursework of online nursing programs in Georgia?

A:Online nursing programs in Georgia are offered by many schools. The coursework is geared towards prepping students for nursing careers ahead. Students will cover topics such as nursing administration, anatomy, physiology, healthcare ethics, and more. The coursework will depend upon the nursing degree being pursued. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:How do I enroll in licensed practical nursing programs in Georgia?

A:To qualify for enrollment in an LPN program in GA, you will have to fulfill the admission requirements that will vary from school to school. Most schools will ask for a high school transcript, a few letters of recommendation, and completion of the nursing prerequisite courses. It is recommended that you seek information from the prospective school's admission department.

Q:What are the main specialization areas that I can pursue in nurse practitioner programs in Georgia?

A:Nursing is a very broad field that comprises of various specialty areas. Individuals enrolling in nurse practitioner programs can choose to specialize in any of these fields. Some of the most common nursing specialties are: pediatric nursing, oncology nursing, geriatric nursing, neonatal nursing, emergency nursing, ICU nursing, travel nursing, and more. The availability of specialization options will vary from college to college.

Q:Are the best nursing programs in Georgia expensive?

A:Not necessarily are all nursing programs in the state of Georgia expensive. The tuition costs will vary slightly from college to college. Some nursing schools are also offering financial aid programs to help students who have difficulty in covering costs. These programs can be in the form of student loans, grants, scholarships, and even federal work-study programs.

Q:Can you name the different types of nursing programs in GA?

A:Nursing is one of the most popularly pursued academic fields nowadays. Students can become nurses and pursue rewarding careers in healthcare. Some of the most commonly pursued nursing degree programs are: LPN degrees, RN degrees, BSN degrees, MSN degrees, and nursing certifications. Each program has its own admission requirements which may vary from college to college.

Q:What nursing programs in Atlanta are available?

A:The programs offerings may vary from college to college. Typically, you can pursue the following main nursing degree programs: LPN degrees, BSN degrees, MSN degrees, and RN degrees. These programs are geared towards prepping students for nursing careers ahead. It is also possible to purse nursing degree programs online. Browse through our page for more detail.

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