LPN Programs in Georgia

LPN Programs in GA

The state of Georgia has countless opportunities for licensed practical nurses (LPN). The need for licensed practical nurses is in great demand which makes them a valued commodity. The annual salary for LPN’s has increased and in general these professionals live a comfortable life given the rising cost of living and average salary.  This makes nursing quite an appealing and can prove to be a good career option for students.
The LPN Education Process
The process of becoming an LPN requires the completion of one year LPN degree, applying for a license with the Georgia Board of Nursing, and finally obtaining a CPR card and passing the NCLEX-PN exam. Advanced practice specialties are especially in demand. These include nurse practitioners. Midwives, clinical nurse specialists, and anesthetists. Despite the training program, you can always advance your career into one of these specialties.
If you feel that going to a university in order to earn your degree seems difficult you can always apply for an online degree that will let you study at your own pace; allowing flexibility to your study hours as well as allowing you to pace yourself with your degree. This is a good option for people who are already employed and looking to improve their prospects.

LPN to RN Bridge Programs in Georgia

You will find many LPN programs in Georgia that offer LPN to RN programs. These programs allow you to make a transition from being a licensed practical nurse to being a registered nurse conferring upon completion of the program, an associate’s degree. There are a number of prestigious universities in the state of Georgia that are offering these programs. You will find a list of all universities offering nursing programs both on the official Georgia Secretary of State and our website.
Given the demand for licensed and registered nurses, the job outlook for this profession looks very promising. Especially with the comfort score given to the state of Georgia, nursing is an excellent choice for students. In addition to this, the shortage of RN’s in Georgia gives a lot of scope to aspiring LPN’s to advance in their respective fields.



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