Nursing Programs In Idaho

Nursing Programs in Idaho offer students with a number of highly competitive intermediate as well as advanced nursing degrees. Educational institutes in the state of Idaho offer students with different undergraduate as well as graduate programs. Nursing is a challenging career and can prove to be very self-fulfilling and rewarding as well. Programs usually offer different kind of exposure to trauma, clinical as well as emergency response situations.


Undergraduate Programs

Institutes in Idaho host a number of undergraduate programs for students. These are ideal for such students who have had no prior experience in nursing. It is a good stepping stone for such students who are looking to complete their first degree in nursing.  Institutes offer traditional bachelors of nursing study as well as Bachelors of Science in nursing study courses. Students who have exposure to science based study can opt for bachelors of science degree programs, while those who have not had exposure to science can pursue traditional bachelor’s degrees. There are also fast track programs available which allow students to complete degrees faster based on previously earned credit hours.


Bridge Programs

Students who have complete registered nurse or licensed practical nurse degrees can consider bridge programs. These allow students to finish bachelor’s degree programs by taking their earned credits through licensed or registered nursing programs, and allowing students to complete their bachelor’s degrees. This means that the credit hours a student accumulates while completing a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse program will contribute to the completion of a bachelors. This enables students to complete these degrees faster as the number of courses and credit hours are reduced. These courses were designed in order to help students improve on their existing qualifications.


Income Potential and Jobs

Students who complete nursing programs in Idaho may become suitable for different care giver nursing roles. In a report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the year 2012 registered nursing professionals earned a mean annual wage of $65,470.


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