Nursing Jobs in Idaho

Nursing jobs in Idaho include one of the most sought after careers within the United States. The demand for nurses in Idaho is expected to continue to rise at a fast pace. Few years back, there was an extreme shortage of nurses in this state but due to the efforts of state officials the situation has improved considerably. A number of nursing programs have been introduced to produce professional nurses at a faster pace. Other than the regular nursing schools, students can also pursue online nursing programs to establish a career as a nurse in Idaho. Why Pursue Nursing Jobs in Idaho? There is a great demand for qualified nurses in many parts of Idaho. The major cities such as Boise, Idaho Falls and Nampa have thousands of job opportunities for these healthcare professionals. Popular Nursing Schools in Idaho There are a number of nursing schools in Idaho. They offer different certification and degree programs for individuals who wish to pursue a thriving career in nursing. Some of the most popular institutes for nurses in Idaho are: Chamberlain College of Nursing University of Phoenix Brown Mackie College Carrington College Top Employers There are a number of prolific nursing jobs in Idaho. Nurses are required in Idaho's hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, nursing schools as well as doctor's offices and home health care centers. The most popular employers for professional nurses include medical centers such as: Kootenai Health Mercy Medical Center St. Luke's Health System Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Educational Programs for Nurses Aspiring nurses can choose from a wide array of training programs to pursue a career in this medical field. Some of the popular programs offered in this area of specialization are: LPN programs Associate’s degree in nursing Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) Master’s degree in nursing (MSN) LPN to RN program RN to MSN programs Students who seek to find entry level positions within the nursing field can opt for LPN programs while students who wish to find more rewarding jobs in Idaho should enroll in to the BSN or MSN degree programs. There are also a number of accelerated training programs for nurses which enable students to enter this field much more quickly than the conventional route. Popular Nursing Jobs in Idaho Here are some of the most popular Nursing Jobs in Idaho: Nurse specialist Staff nurses Practical nurses LPNs Clinical nurses Public heath nurses Salaries for Nursing Jobs in Idaho Owing to the growing demand of nurses in Idaho, these professionals can expect to earn well. On average, an RN can earn $80,000 per year. Nurses with advanced degrees and more experience can earn up to $ 115,000 annually. Other than the basic salaries, nurses in Idaho also get a number of other career benefits.

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