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As the field of health care has become increasingly complex, nurses are required to assume a more active role in the workplace. As a result, nursing is becoming a more popular career path. If you are interested in joining this profession, you should look through the nursing programs in Illinois that may help you get started.

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What kinds of programs are available?

Students wishing to gain an entry-level position in nursing can opt for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, or an Associate Degree. The former is a four-year program, while the latter is typically two years long. Students in a Bachelor’s degree undergo more rigorous training and cover a wider range of subjects, ranging from mathematics to humanities, in addition to their medicinal training. Associate degrees are generally recommended for students who want to evaluate their interest in the field or gain basic knowledge.

Master’s and Doctoral level programs are also available for those who want to further their education or focus their training on a particular area of medicine or nursing. Coursework is usually a combination of theoretical as well as practical training.

What will I learn?

The main objective of nursing programs in Illinois is to prepare students to tackle a variety of situations in their professional lives. These programs will equip students with a solid foundation in medicine and nursing practices, which they can then use in the provision of high-quality healthcare.

The addition of social science coursework may help sharpen students’ critical thinking ability and make them better problem-solvers. It also enhances their communication and interpersonal skills.

Additional information

Some students complete diplomas in nursing to become Licensed Practical Nurses, which is a basic-level position. For these students LPN to RN programs are available to cover the requirements for a Registered Nursing position. It also helps them prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). All Registered Nurses are required to pass this test in order to become eligible to practice their profession within the United States. The exact requirements may vary from one state to another.  

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2012, Registered Nurses in Illinois earned a national average annual wage of $67,930, with over 100,000 jobs available.


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