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Nursing Programs in Kansas offer a blend of lab based and emergency response management based courses. Students have the option to choose from Bachelors of Science in nursing programs as well as higher level master’s degree programs.  There are a number of institutes that offer registered nursing programs and licensed practical nursing courses as well. Some institutes offer dual programs allowing students to study and complete their education.

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Registered Nurse Programs (RN)

There are a number of institutes that offer registered nursing programs for students. These programs allow a student to pursue a career as a nurse after successful completion of the programs. The registered nurse (RN) program is suitable for such students who wish to take a fast track path to the nursing profession. It is considered to be a well rounded professional degree covering all aspects of nursing.

Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor’s Program

While the registered nurse program allows successful students to take up elementary nurse and care giving roles in medical institutes, higher qualification is required for more advanced positions. Many institutes offer students a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing. There is also an option to complete a registered nursing program and use earned credit hours towards the fast track completion of a bachelor’s degree. These are actually bachelors of Science degrees that different cover aspects of the nursing profession and areas of specialization within this diverse profession.

Courses studied in RN and Bachelor’s Programs

In general there are a lot of courses which are taught commonly in Kansas Nursing schools, some of them include:

  • Sociology and psychology
  • Global health care
  • Child and human development
  • Statistics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sample collection
  • Basic first aid
  • Emergency response and assessment

Students who take up specialization in emergency response and first aid are taught several courses related to trauma and patient assessment.

Employment opportunities and Income Potential

Students who complete nursing programs in Kansas can take up jobs as nurses in various sectors. In a report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on May 2012, registered nurses earned $65,470 per year.


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