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The Mississippi board of nursing is a state agency that operates to protect civilians through careful regulation of the practice of nursing that takes place within the state. The board focuses on creating a set of regulatory rules that are then enshrined within the Administrative Code as well as by enforcing the Mississippi Nurse Practice Law. The function of the law and the code is essentially to provide a basis for particulars such as minimum qualification and licensure which help with the reinforcement of nurses. It is through this board that licensed practical nurses (LPNs), advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), certified clinical hemodialysis technicians (CCHTs) and registered nurses (RNs) are issued licenses.
NCLEX Examinations Process
The MS board of nursing conducts NCLEX examinations through which licenses are awarded. This requires a number of steps to be fulfilled. An application has to be completed and sent to the board of nursing Mississippi which will legitimize you after you are cleared following a criminal background check. The application can be found on the official website of the Mississippi board of nursing. You will need to send in an official transcript and apply for the examination through the Pearson VUE testing service which will in return authorize you to take the exam after due time. The ATT (Authorization to Test) will provide you with your relative candidate number, authorization number and an expiration date. Hence the test has to be taken by the issuance date. This is a computer-based exam which doesn’t require complete knowledge of computers, rather just the use of the "space bar" and the "enter" key. The result will be displayed online. In case you fail the exam, you will be provided with a diagnostic profile indicating your performance and the errors that you have made in the exam.
Other Processes for Obtaining a Mississippi License
Apart from licensure through examination, licenses can also be given by renewal or even through endorsement. If you have once worked in the state of Mississippi and are in need of reinstatement you can also apply for an application through the MS Board of Nursing. All application for the various designations (RNs, APRNs, CCHTs and LPNs) can be found online and downloaded to ease the process.
Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)
The NLC allows for the issuance of a multistate license for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and vocational nurses. A multistate license allows for the nurse to work with a license in two states; one being the state where the nurse resides and the other one where the nurse would like to practice in. This will subject the corresponding nurse to be liable under not just the rules of both the states and disciplines but will also provide the opportunity to break free from a restrictive environment. It should be noted however that advanced practice nurses as well as nurses under scrutiny over a discipline related matter cannot avail this option. They would have to apply separately for licensure in both states.

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