Nursing Programs In North Carolina

Are you looking to enter or excel your career in nursing? Nursing programs in North Carolina offer an excellent learning experience to help you get on track.

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What kinds of programs are available?

At the undergraduate level, students can opt for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. This is a four year program which offers a rigorous curriculum and a combination of class-based lectures and practical work. Some nursing programs in North Carolina also offer an accelerated Bachelor’s program, which covers roughly the same coursework in a shorter period of time. While it has its benefits, the intensity of the program means it is recommended for only those who are serious about this profession.

Students in these programs will take courses in medicine, like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and microbiology. They will also cover courses such as child development and adult psychology, in addition to taking subjects like statistics and algebra. Furthermore, the Bachelor’s degree will require students to complete courses in writing, sociology, and humanities. All of this will be covered along with coursework in nursing and nursing practices. Students will learn the proper ways of helping patients at each stage, from diagnosis to recovery. They will also learn how to properly mold their practices when dealing with children or adults, or patients with a particular health condition.

The aim of these nursing programs is to help students become better leaders in the workplace, and act as a source of information for patients and their families alike. The field of nursing is growing more complex, and students will benefit from the critical thinking abilities they gain from humanities courses.

At the graduate level, students will be able to take their foundation of learning and focus it towards a particular branch of healthcare or medicine. They can specialize in child healthcare and become Pediatric Nurses, for instance. They can also focus on radiology or anesthesiology and look into the profession of Nurse Midwives.


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