North Carolina Board of Nursing

Nursing is a fast growing healthcare field and currently has over 2.5 million registered nurses. With so many students opting for nursing careers, it is important to regulate healthcare rules and maintain nursing service standards. These professionals help physicians and doctors in all kinds of medical procedures. We often come across nurse practitioners in healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers.

To make sure hospitals hire trained nurses and follow nursing guidelines, each state has an authorized board of nursing. These boards are the main legal bodies that supervise and approve all kinds of nursing professions. The board is run by members who manage and look into all matters related to nursing specializations.
The North Carolina Board of Nursing
Nurses residing and working in North Carolina must register with the North Carolina Board of Nursing. This board was the first body ever to be set up in the nation for nursing practices. It was founded in 1903 to provide licensing and registration services to all nursing healthcare professionals.Over the years, the board has expanded its services and has become an important legal authority in the healthcare industry. Currently there are over 127,000 registered nurses working in the state of North Carolina. The NC nursing board provides various services and assists nurses in all kinds of issues. The four main nursing occupations that the board oversees include registered nurses, licensed practitioner nurses, advanced practice nurses (NP, CRNA, CNS, CNM), and nurse aides.

Services provided by the NC Nursing Board


  • Licensing- Individuals who have completed nursing education in this state cannot provide professional services without getting a license from the Board of Nursing NC. Licensing is one of the main legal requirements one has to fulfill in order to become a nurse. Licenses are only issued to individuals who clear the National Council Licensure Examinations NCLEX. This exam is designed, approved, and conducted by the nursing board. The board also provides license renewal services, multistate licenses, and license status information.


  • Education and training – The Nursing Board NC also provides educational assistance to the general public. The board is mainly responsible for establishing nursingeducation standards for programs and degrees. It helps students choose academic programs that will help them become nurses in any chosen specialty. Due to the changing trends and technological innovations in the healthcare industry, it is important for all nurses to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge. The board makes sure every nurse takes part in training programs and is aware of all major nursing practice changes.


  • Complaints and Consumer Protection–The board also assists patients who have not received satisfactory services from nursing professionals. Individuals and families and submit their claims here and make sure their issues are taken into account as making sure every nurse provides excellent healthcare services is very important.


  • Rules and Regulations – Nurses must comply with rules and standards set by the nursing board. Any violation of the Nursing Practice Act can and will be penalized. The board addresses all kinds of issues related to violations, complaints, laws, and healthcare ethics.



Ask an Expert

Q:Can you give me a brief history of North Carolina nursing board?

A:Nurses working and residing in North Carolina are required to register with the North Carolina Board of Nursing. This board takes pride in being the first ever body to be set up for nursing practices. It was founded in 1903 to provide services such as licensing and registration to healthcare professionals. The board has progressed over time and is now a major legal authority of healthcare industry.

Q:How do I get a license from the NC board of nursing?

A:The NC board of nursing issues licenses and certifications in the field of nursing. If you have completed your nursing education and training, and are looking forward to a challenging career ahead, you must acquire a professional license first. The license can only be obtained after taking the NCLEX examination. For more detail, take a look at our page.

Q:While searching for the North Carolina board of nursing can, I came across nursing examination. What is this exam for?

A:All nurses are required to clear the nursing licensing examination in their state. The board of nursing in every state conducts the NCLEX exams to evaluate the skill and readiness of an individual for the professional field of nursing. The test will cover a wide range of nursing topics and also test practical skills sets.

Q:Does the NC nursing board conduct the NCLEX exam for LPN's?

A:Yes, the NC Board is responsible for conducting the licensing examination for LPN's. This board is the main authorized board that issues professional license to nurses. Apart from the licensing examination, the board is also responsible for overseeing the nursing profession and promoting healthcare in the state. Browse further for more information.

Q:What degree do I need at least to get the North Carolina nursing license?

A:You must have a licensed practitioner nursing degree to qualify for a nursing license in the state. LPN degree is the most basic nursing qualification being offered by nursing schools. The program is geared towards prepping individuals for careers as LPN's. Students can take the NCLEX exam and acquire a license after the completion of an LPN degree.

Q:While reading about the NC board of nursing CAN, I came across the basic purpose of the board. Can you tell me a little?

A:The NC board of nursing has been established to oversee the nursing profession in the state. The board offers a range of services such as licensing, license renewal, verification, and certification. All nurses in NC must be licensed by this board and should meet the minimum training requirements. Take a look at our page for more detail.

Q:Are the services of Medical Board of North Carolina offered online as well?

A:You can visit the official web page of the Board to see what services are offered online. Most nursing boards offer online license renewal services. The Nursing Board is responsible for overseeing the nursing profession in the state, issuing licenses, conducting exams, and addressing any concerns or legal matters. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:Can you tell me about the renewal requirements of the Board of Nursing NC?

A:To renew your nursing license in NC, you must fulfill the following requirements: must be expired within a three month period, must meet the continuing education requirements, must provide your social security number and license number, and must pay the renewal fee. Take a look at our page for more detailed information.

Q:License verification services at the North Carolina nurse state board are available or which category of nurses?

A:You can verify licenses at the North Carolina Board of Nursing. License verification is possible for nurses that fall in the following category: RN, LPN, Nurse Aide, nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, certified nurse anesthetist, clinical nurse specialist, and more. You can take a look at the official web page of the nursing board to see what the process for verification is.

Q:Can you briefly tell me about the North Carolina board of nursing license verification process?

A:Through the official web page of the North Carolina Board of Nursing, you can verify licensure for RNs, LPNs, CNMSs, CNS, NPs, and nurse aides. You must have the license number, social security number, or other information related to identification to verify a license. Take a look at our page form more details.

Q:Can you tell me when the North Carolina state board of nursing was founded?

A:The North Carolina Board of nursing was founded in 1903. This was the first board ever to be established in the nation. It was set up to regulate nursing services and license professionals in the field. There are over 140,000 RNs and LPNs in the state which work under the authority of the board.

Q:What services is the North Carolina nursing board offering?

A:The nursing board in North Carolina is offering various services to professionals. It is the main legal body that is responsible for licensing all kinds of nursing professionals in the state. The board also provides services related to licensure verification, license renewal, continuing education, certification, handling complaints, nurse training, and more.

Q:What are the North Carolina license requirements for nursing?

A:The North Carolina Board of Nursing requires prospective nurses to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for acquiring a license to start practice. The educational eligibility requirements include completion of a state approved nursing course, completion of the NCBON online application, payment of the application fee, submission of the NCBON ID document and a complete registration process with Pearson VUE.

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