BSN Programs in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most populous states in the country. Among all the other major sectors in this state, healthcare has seen a high rise. Hundreds of students in NJ are moving towards healthcare occupations such as nursing. Currently, there are over 85,000 registered nurses in the state of NJ. Increasing wages and technology have pushed this career option towards popularity. There are dozens of major hospitals and healthcare institutes here that are constantly increasing their demand for skilled nurses. The future for nurses is definitely bright here.

Nursing Programs in NJ
There are many reputable nursing schools in New Jersey that specifically aim at preparing students for nursing careers. These programs are comprehensively designed to equip students for all kind of intermediate, entry – level, and advanced nursing jobs. Some of the most popular nursing programs include LPN degrees, RN degrees, BSN degrees, and MSN degrees. LPN and RN degree programs are ranked as beginner courses that lead to basic nursing careers. On the other hand, BSN programs in NJ and MSN programs comprise of advanced level courses. Apart from the main nursing degree programs available, bridge programs have also gained a lot of popularity. These are basically programs that fill the gap between nursing experiences and a degree. Students enrolled in bridge programs can acquire a degree in a shorter period of time and receive credentials for their working experience.
RN to BSN programs in NJ are ranked among the top bridge programs in the country. Students working as a registered nurse can move on to more advanced level nursing jobs by acquiring a BSN degree in a short period of time. It takes anywhere from 18 to 21 months to complete the program, whereas a regular BSN degree will take 4 years to complete. The curriculum is tailored to suit the individual needs of registered nurses. Since RN’s already have a well-rounded understanding of the nursing field, more emphasis is laid upon practical experience and advanced subjects. There are a number of different specializations in nursing one can choose from in this program. A few specialization areas are mentioned below:

  • Neonatal nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Emergency nursing
  • Cardio nursing

LPN to BSN programs in NJ are designed to help licensed practitioner nurses acquire a bachelor degree. The coursework is similar to other nursing bridge programs. For students who want to take a head start in the professional nursing field can opt for accelerated BSN programs in NJ. These are fast paced programs that can be completed in less than the usual time.
Nursing Careers
There are several different types of nursing careers that can be pursued. From disease specific nursing to healthcare administration nursing, one can choose a nursing area according to his or her interest. One must keep in mind that it is important to specialize in a nursing area that suits his or her future career goals. To be able to join the professional field, getting a license is a must. The nursing board of New Jersey is mainly responsible for issuing nursing licenses. Salaries of nurses vary greatly but usually start at around $20,000 per year.

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Q:Is the curriculum for BSN programs in NJ the same as the curriculum being offered in other states?

A:Yes, the curriculum of BSN programs will be the same in all states, whether you enroll in a school in NJ or in NY. Students will be required to study the same subjects related to the field. However, you must make sure the school has been accredited by the nursing board in the state. This will reflect the institute's compliance to latest educational standards.

Q:BSN programs in New Jersey will help me prep for which kind of nursing career?

A:New Jersey is home to many popular nursing schools that offer a wide range of nursing degrees such as BSN programs. With this degree, you can expect to pursue a rewarding nursing career in healthcare institutions. You can pick a certain nursing specialty such as pediatric nursing, emergency nursing or administrative nursing.

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