New Jersey Board of Nursing

Nurses careers are ranked among the leading healthcare jobs in today’s competitive economy. High demand and need for these professionals has boosted the nursing segment. According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses make up the largest proportion of the healthcare industry. With the expanding field, it is important to have a higher authority that regulates and manages this occupation. The Nursing Board in each state is the leading authority that caters to nursing careers and jobs. Just like in any other state, nurses in the state of New Jersey are licensed and approved by the NJ board of nursing. This board performs a variety of functions and services to make sure nurses working in NJ are skilled, qualified, and can provide quality healthcare services.

The core mission of the New Jersey board of nursing is to ensure the safety and health of the public. The board achieves this goal through public policy, top quality nursing services, and compliance with standards and ethics. There are various departments in this board that cater to specific needs of nurses, education, and other healthcare professionals. The board of nursing NJ makes sure it maintains its integrity and trust by keeping all its operations and policy transparent.
Board of nursing New Jersey Services
We all know that without licensing, initiating a career in the healthcare field is impossible. Nurses must have a valid license that is issued by the NJ board of nursing. Attaining qualifications and training enables a student to practice nursing and understand what the profession requires. One education has been completed; students must clear the National Council Licensure Examination. The test is conducted by the board and is a mandatory procedure. The core purpose of the test is to evaluate a student’s skill and expertise in the field.
License Renewal
License renewal is necessary under certain circumstances. A license is in any state is valid only for a defined period of time. Once the expiry date arrives, one must apply for a new license at the NJ board of nursing. On the other hand, nurses moving to NJ for work purposes must attain a NJ nursing license.
Consumer Protection
Nurses are required to provide quality services to patients and maintain their trust. It is the basic role of a nurse to work with honestly, integrity, and care. In cases where the consumer was not treated adequately or suffered any illness due to negligence, he or she can file a case at the NJ board of nursing. This will case is reviewed by the Board. The NJ board of nursing makes sure all consumers are protected from mistreatment and unfair practices.
Education and Law
Nursing programs must be updated regularly to make sure students are up to date with nursing knowledge and acquire modern training. The Board makes sure nursing programs are following standards and are compliance with quality control procedures. On the other hand, the board is also responsible for setting up various nursing laws and ethical codes of conduct.

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