Nursing Schools in New Jersey

New Jersey is a thriving state that offers a number of opportunities. It has a number of schools and colleges that offer a wide array of programs in different areas of interest. Students who are interested in pursuing a career in nursing can find various nursing schools in NJ. Just as other states, the demand for nursing in New Jersey is increasing. Students who earn a diploma or degree in this field can easily find exciting and challenging jobs in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

Nursing Programs in NJ
New Jersey nursing schools offer all types of nursing programs. These include certificates, diplomas as well as degrees in nursing. Students can enroll in diplomas that takes about a year to complete or an associate’s degree that spans over 2 years. Bachelors and masters degrees in nursing are also available that take 4 years and 1-2 years to complete respectively. Students can also go for LPN, RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN programs.  Accelerated nursing programs in NJ are highly suitable for students who would like to become a nursing professional without disturbing their normal every day schedule. These programs can be completed at a faster pace than regular nursing programs. The type of program students should enroll in depends on their personal career goals. Students who want to find entry level jobs can go for LPN programs while the ones who want to find more rewarding opportunities within nursing should enroll in advanced degrees. The advanced programs also allow students to specialize in a particular area within nursing like ambulatory care, pediatrics and surgery. Once Students earn a degree they must also pass the National Council Licensure Examination.
Curriculum in Nursing Programs
The precise curriculum of a nursing program varies by program type. Common courses in these programs may include critical care, health assessment, domestic violence, healthcare management, trauma and assault assessment, documentation procedures, community health and public health. In addition to lectures in classroom settings, students also gain clinical experience in nursing programs.
Career Outlook for Nurses
Career prospects for nurses in NJ are very bright. According to recent statistics, jobs for nurses are expected to grow by 22% during the next decade. Nurses with advanced degrees can find the most rewarding jobs in this field. Opportunities for nurses in larger cities are more lucrative as compared to smaller towns. Earning a diploma or degree in nursing can help students serve in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, schools and a number of different settings. These professionals can earn $49,000 to $100,000 on a yearly basis.
Finding the best Nursing School in NJ
As not all schools are equally good, students must explore all their options prior to enrolling in a nursing program. They should check out the accreditation and general reputation of nursing schools and also find out the programs they offer in addition to their fee structure. Aspiring nurses should compare between their options so that they can enroll in the best nursing schools and equip themselves with knowledge and skills that can lead them to the best career opportunities within the healthcare sector.

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Q:Nursing schools in NJ will offer what degrees?

A:The program offerings will vary from school to school. You must check with these schools and find out what programs they are currently offering. Most nursing schools offer LPN degrees, RN degree, MSN and BSN degrees, and nursing certifications. Search through our page to find out more about nursing schools in NJ.

Q:New Jersey nursing schools offer what kinds of nursing specialties?

A:Nursing is a broad field that comprises of many different branches. Students wanting to enroll in a Nursing program can opt for specialization in certain areas such as pediatric nursing, oncology nursing, travel nursing, geriatric nursing, neonatal nursing, emergency nursing, and more. The area you choose to specialize in will determine you career-path ahead.

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