Ohio Board of Nursing

The Ohio Board of Nursing is the regulatory board and an agency of state government that was set up by means of the enactment by the Ohio General Assembly. Its mission is to uphold the health of the public through effective regulation of nursing care. It has up to thirteen members as well as a number of registered nurses, LPNs and consumers. It is a regulatory body to which nurses are required to pay licensure fees to practice legally in this state.

As nursing is a thriving field, enrolling in nursing program can lead students to highly rewarding jobs. There are thousands of new jobs in Ohio as well as other states for these professionals. In addition to completing a degree or diploma in nursing, students must also get a licensure from the board of nursing in order to practice this profession. They need to pass an examination that is designed to gauge their competency as entry-level nurses. Once they pass the exam, they can get the license and initiate their practice.
Responsibilities of the Board of Nursing Ohio
Just as other nursing boards, OH Board of Nursing is responsible for the regulation of nursing practice. It aims to safeguard public's health by ensuring the safe practice of nursing. This objective is achieved by establishing the principles for safe nursing care and licenses. The board reports to the governor of the state or a state agency. Its Nurse Practice Act requires nurses to follow the laws in order to maintain their licenses. Nurse Practice Act sets the Qualifications for licensure and also describes the scope of practice. In addition, it also established Nursing titles that are allowed to be used.
License and Verification
Ohio is a Nursys state. Nursys is a database for authentication of nurse licensure. Nurses can get written verification of a nursing license, or dialysis technician certificate or certificate of authority by getting in touch with the board. New applicants also need to get license after passing the licensure examination. The license number will be posted within three days of passing the test.
To know how to go about applying for licensure, students can visit the official website of the Ohio Board of Nursing that offers complete information for new licenses as well as renewals. Students can also get to know about the fee process as well as other important details of licenses. Application forms are also available at this website, providing students with an excellent facility.
Laws and Rules
Students can also read the rules and regulations of the Ohio Board of Nursing by visiting its official website. These laws can give them a fair idea of how the board operates. They can also get to know the rules for nursing programs, examination and licensures, programs, courses, continuing education and nurse education grant programs.  The board has all the information that aspiring nurses as well as RNs and LPNs need to practice in the state so it is must for them to explore the official website in detail.

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Q:Can you give me some basic information about Ohio state board of nursing?

A:Ohio state board of nursing is an agency of state government, whose mission is to sustain the health of public by effective regulation of nursing. This agency can have a maximum of thirteen members. Many registered nurses, LPNs, and consumers are a part of this nursing board. It is also the regulatory body that takes licensure fees from nurses so that they can legally work in the state.

Q:The Ohio board of nursing license renewal is an easy process?

A:If you plan to get your nursing license renewed in Ohio, it is recommended that you get in touch with the nursing board here. The boar will provide you with instructions and information regarding the renewal process. You may even have to take the licensing examination again. You can also visit the official web page of the board for further assistance.

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