Oklahoma Board of Nursing

Oklahoma Board of Nursing is dedicated to safeguard public health by ensuring that licensed nurses are qualified and capable to practice.  Just like other boards of nursing, OK Board of Nursing makes sure that all nurses have the essential knowledge and skills that are in the best of the interest of people. The board sees that students with nursing degrees are eligible to get license so that the public can benefit from them and remain safe from any nursing malpractice. The Board accomplishes this purpose by means of regulation of nursing education, nursing licensure, unlicensed assistance certification and nursing practice.

Board of Nursing Oklahoma has 11 members appointed by the Governor. These include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, as well as citizens of the State representing the public. All board members stay with the board for 5 years. Oklahoma Board of Nursing hires an Executive Director who is responsible for the administration of the agency online with the rules and regulations.
Functions of the Board of Nursing Oklahoma
The Board of Nursing Oklahoma established standards for educational programs and prepares persons for licensure or certification as RNs, LPNS, or Advanced Unlicensed Assistants. It also provides for surveys of online nursing programs online. The board approves nursing education programs and advanced unlicensed assistive training programs as well.
In addition, administering the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered and Practical Nurses is also the duty of this body. Taking care of the advanced unlicensed assistant certification exam and providing initial licensure and renewal of licensure include some other functions of the board. It issues and renews license to eligible Advanced Practice Registered Nurses also maintains records of all licensed nursing professionals and advanced unlicensed assistive individual.
Maintaining a Peer Assistance Program for nurses whose skill may be effected by dependency or drug abuse is also the duty of the board. Other responsibilities of the Oklahoma Board of Nursing include investigating complaints of alleged violations of the Rules of the Board and Nursing Practice Act. It also takes disciplinary action as required. The board also offers consultation and conduct conferences, studies and research on nursing practice and education.
The Importance of the Oklahoma Board of Nursing
The Oklahoma Board of Nursing plays a very important role in ensuring safe practice of nursing. It grants license to eligible candidates so that the public get the best healthcare services. As there is a lot of demand for nurses across the country, more and more students are considering this profession. The board makes sure that students can get quality education that is best for their future and also ideal for the public welfare. It is also actively working efficiently so that nursing practice and education in this state remains up to standard.
Important Information
Students as well as working nurses can explore the official website of Oklahoma Board of Nursing and get all the information they need to enter this field, obtain a license and maintain it. People can also file complaints online and benefits from a wide array of services through this website.

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