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Nursing makes one of the most lucrative fields as there is a lot of demand for these medical professionals in all states. The developments in medical science and aging population include some major factors that require more and more nurses across the country to serve in clinics, hospitals and a variety of other settings. Nurses cannot only enjoy competitive wages but can also benefit from various career perks. This is why pursuing a career in this field can be your best bet in case you want highly rewarding jobs with scores of opportunities for growth and development.

What are Nursing Boards?
Nursing boards are agencies that are set up by the government in order to make sure that students benefit from the best nursing programs. They also look after the safe nursing practice by establishing rules and regulations. They grant and renew licenses of eligible nurses online in accordance with the nursing laws. Every state has its own nursing board that has its own laws. The members of the board include both nursing professionals as well as public representatives. 
PA Board of Nursing
The Pennsylvania Board of Nursing aims to uphold the public's health by ensuring that licensed nurses are competent and proficient enough to practice. The board achieves this through the regulation of nursing licensure, nursing education and nursing practice.
Responsibilities of the Board of Nursing Pennsylvania
State Board of Nursing PA determines the standards for educational programs and prepares students for licensure or certification as Advanced Unlicensed Assistants, registered nurses or LPNS. The board provides assesses and reviews the various nursing programs according to the rules and regulations of the state. Another important responsibility of the board is to approve nursing education programs and advanced unlicensed assistive training programs.
Additionally, the Board of Nursing PA also investigates the complaints of alleged violations of the Nursing Practice Act and takes disciplinary actions. It also holds conferences, conducts studies and research on nursing practice and education and provides consultation to students and working nurses.
The board also administers the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered and Practical Nurses as well as the advanced unlicensed assistant certification exam. It issues and renews licenses to eligible nurses in addition to maintaining the records of licensed nurses.
Important Information
Students who want to pursue a career as a nurse in PA must get in touch with the Board of Nursing PA and get all the important information that can help them get into the field of nursing in a convenient manner. The official website of the board has all the details required to enroll in nursing programs as well as get license and renew it. Aspiring nurses as well as working RNs and other nurses can greatly benefit from this website that can help them avail all the important information on nursing in this state. They can find out about the laws that they have to follow after getting into this field and how they can acquire and maintain their licenses in order to continue their practice. The applications and forms for nurses are also available on this site.

Ask an Expert

Q:Do you know what is the mission statement of the PA state board of nursing?

A:The PA board of nursing aims to improve and regulate the nursing practice in the state. The board issues licenses and makes sure all nurses meet the requirements of the profession. High quality nursing services and promoting health is one of the main missions of the board. You can visit the official web page of the nursing board to learn more about its services.

Q:How can I get in touch with the Pennsylvania board of nursing for my license renewal?

A:If you are a nurse in PA, and wish to get your license renewed, you must contact the nursing board. You can get your license renewed through mail or even online. However, it is necessary that you complete the license renewal requirements which may include a fee, submission of documents and contact information, license number, and even completing the continuing education requirements.

Q:Can you tell me about the information in need for a PA state board of nursing license verification?

A:For the license verification process, you must have complete or partial information. You can use visit the web page of the nursing board and submit information for verification. Some of the information you can use are: license type, license number, county and city, zip code, last name and first name, and more. Take a look at our page for detail.

Q:What degree do I need for a PA state nursing license?

A:To qualify for a nursing license in the state of PA, you must have a nursing degree such as the LPN or RN. Once you have completed your nursing education, you can take the licensing examination known as the NCLEX exam. It is conducted and revised by the PA nursing board. The main aim the exam is to evaluate the nursing skills and knowledge of a student.Pa State Nursing License

Q:What main services can I expect from the PA nursing board?

A:The Nursing Board in PA is responsible for managing, promoting, and regulating nursing practice in the state. Individuals who plan to enter the field of nursing must have a license issued by the nursing board. Here are a few of the main services: license and examination, license renewal, certification, and more. Browse through our page for detail.

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