Tennessee Board of Nursing

Tennessee Board of Nursing

There are over 55,000 registered nurses in the state of Tennessee. With the occupation on the rise, it is important to have a controlling body that manages nursing services and quality. The Tennessee Board of nursing is the leading board working under the Tennessee Department of Health that maintains nursing laws, issued nursing licenses, and performs a wide range of related services. Over the years, nurses have become one of the most reputed healthcare professionals. Their services are dedicated to helping the vulnerable, sick, poor, and the injured. Without their hard work and dedication, many people may not be able to receive effective healthcare services.
Nurses can perform a wide range of clinical tasks and are integral to the efficient running of a healthcare system. However, the field is all about protecting the public health, and therefore requires dedication, integrity, compassion, and fairness. All nursing professionals must follow certain guidelines and rules to become a nurse. These rules are designed by the nursing board in each state.
TN board of nursing services
The Board of Nursing Tennessee was established in 1911 under the legal authority of Governor Ben Hooper. The organization was designed and developed to safeguard public health and endure the wellness of citizens in this state. The board mainly focuses its services around licensure, practice standards, and education. Since the establishment of the Board of nursing TN, the nursing sector has undergone various advancements and changes. The board has made sure it remains up to date with nursing occupation trends and educational trends. Services offered by the board have been briefly explained below.
Registered nurses and licensed nurses must acquire professional licenses in order to work in the field. Licensing is a mandatory procedure and is a crucial step towards become a nurse. Individuals living in Tennessee who have opted for nursing careers must clear the National Council Licensure Examination. This test will help evaluate a student’s readiness for the occupation. As nurses have no margin for error, their skills and knowledge must be near to perfection. The test is conducted by the board each year. Students who already have licenses in other states must renew their license through the Tennessee board in order to work in this state.

Nursing education is crucial for becoming a nurse. Just like in any other occupation, individuals must have a thorough understanding of what the career demands and how to prepare for it. The Tennessee board of nursing is the top authority that certifies various nursing education programs. All nursing schools in the state must comply with nursing education standards set by the board.
Nurses must follow nursing ethics and codes of conducts while on the job. These codes are designed to make sure patients receive quality care and can put their trust in nursing professionals. Virtue and integrity are necessary to uphold in every healthcare occupation. These are regulated by the Tennessee Board of Nursing and are overseen thoroughly. Nurses must accept their duty towards the general public and perform up to the standards at all times.

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