Lvn Programs in Texas

Hundreds of students enroll in nursing programs each year. This healthcare field has seen a rise in recent years. The increasing demand for nurses reflects the spike in the health care sector. There are number of nursing specialties where different types of nurses who have dedicated their careers to helping the sick and the injured. Some of the nurses we come across in healthcare settings include registered nurses, vocational nurses, and licensed practitioner nurses.

LVN programs
Just like in other states, Texas is home to a number of renowned nursing colleges and institutes. These colleges offer a wide range of nursing programs. One of the most popularly pursued program includes LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) degrees. The core aim of LVN program is to prepare students for careers as LVN nurses. These nurses are similar to LPN (licensed practitioner nurses).
Program Coursework
LVN programs Texas usually has a duration of 1-2 years. Students enrolled in these programs undergo a thorough study of various theoretical and practical subjects. More emphasis is laid upon the practical aspect of the program. It is crucially important to develop clinical skills for all kinds of healthcare settings. Many nursing schools offer state of the art facilities which promote hands on experience and practical learning. Mentioned below are a few courses studied in LVN programs:

  • Human biology
  • Human development
  • Human behavior
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical –surgical nursing
  • Disease processes
  • Nursing ethics
  • Care plan development

Students must also complete a certain number of clinical hours. These may vary from state to state. Without acquiring the required practical experience, it is not possible to work as a professional vocational nurse.
Nurse Licensing in Texas
Licensing is mandatory for all nursing students. After completing a LVN program, the next step is to appear in the state NCLEX-PN exam. This test is used to evaluate a student’s readiness for the professional nursing field. Certain practical and written areas are tested. The exam is conducted by the Texas state board of nursing.
Career Prospects
LVN’s  earn somewhere in the range of $40,000 per year. This salary is affected by various factors such as employer organization and work experience. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a steady growth in this profession in the next few years.

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