Nursing Jobs in Washington

Nursing makes an extremely rewarding career within the United States. In Washington alone, there are thousands of job opportunities for nurses. It makes pursing a career in this field a great choice. There are scores of thriving Nursing Jobs in Washington. These healthcare professionals are required within different healthcare settings. They are needed in: Hospitals Clinics Public health departments School/college clinics Nurse practitioner offices Nursing homes Nursing schools Physician offices Private offices Why Go for Nursing Jobs in Washington? As there is an extreme shortage of professional nurses in the state of Washington, enrolling in nursing degree programs can lead students to promising a career within healthcare. The state requires as many as 26,000 nurses by 2020. This is why the nursing profession has emerged as a very rewarding one for individuals who wish to have job security and earn a good salary. Educational Programs for Nurses There are a number of programs from which students can choose to earn a certification or degree in this promising field. Students can opt for nursing programs such as: LPN programs Associate’s degree in nursing Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) Master’s degree in nursing (MSN) LPN to RN program RN to MSN programs LPN Programs Licensed Practical Nurse programs enable students to find entry level positions within nursing. Students can opt for campus based LPN programs or seek to earn these academic recognitions online. Degree Programs The nursing degree programs enable students to qualify as Registered Nurses. RNs are in great demand within Washington and other states within the US. Students with the titles of RN can find the most rewarding jobs in healthcare. An associate’s degree in nursing takes 2 years to complete while BSN and MSN span over 4 years. The choice of a program depends on the individual career aspirations of students. LPN to RN Programs LPNs who want to earn the certification of RN can go for these programs. An LPN to RN program enables students to get an RN degree with minimum repeat of courses. LPNs that are into part time or full time jobs can go for these training programs to maximize their career opportunities. RN to MSN Programs Enrolling in these training programs enables students to earn a master’s degree in nursing quickly. Types of Nursing Jobs in Washington Nurses are required to serve at different levels throughout the state of Washington. Some of the most prominent job opportunities for nurses in Washington are: LPNs Clinical nurses Public heath nurses Nurse specialist Staff nurses Practical nurses Salaries for Nursing Jobs in Washington The average salaries for nurses within Washington are about 16% higher than average salaries for nurses in other states. This is why pursing a career in nursing in Washington can be extremely lucrative. The median salary for RNs is $80,000 while nurses at management positions can earn up to $ 115,000 annually.

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