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How to Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are healthcare providers who work under the supervision of a registered nurse in tending to the needs of sick or recovering individuals. The healthcare industry in the United States is one of the fastest growing, with a large number of baby-boomers entering old age and requiring constant attention. As a result of this the entry level position of a certified nursing assistant also holds considerable value.
As a certified nursing assistant, you will possess complete knowledge on how to operate hospital equipment, maintain patient progress reports, and provide emotional support to patients as well. You are also responsible for providing routine care to patients and assist them with bathing, eating, and moving about. Because of the multiple roles you must fill, the position becomes slightly more challenging than expected. Depending on the kind of department you are assigned to in a hospital, your exact job specifications may change, but the general basis remains the same. You will be required to ensure that all recovering and sick individuals receive maximum care and are comfortable during their time in the hospital.

Becoming a CNA
Before you can start your career as a certified nursing assistant, you will need to enroll into a formal program which will train you with the skills you need. Several campus-based institutions offer these programs for you to enroll in, and over the course of roughly 8 weeks you can an introduction to the discipline. You learn how to correctly measure and record vital statistics such as blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels, handle medical equipment, and improve your communication techniques with the patients. Many institutions are also offering online versions of CNA training syllabi, facilitating the growing demand and allowing greater flexibility for students who are preoccupied with other commitments.
Upon the completion of your training, you will need to take an examination to demonstrate your understanding and learning of all the skills required to be a CNA. Completing this stage is necessary if you wish to be authorized to legally practice within the United States. The test will assess your practical application and theoretical understanding.
Employment opportunities
When you have successfully undergone the training process, you will be allowed to work in a number of healthcare facilities as a certified nursing assistant. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Private homes
  • Drug rehabilitation centers and
  • Conduct camps in schools

For individuals who are passionate about serving their community and helping others in need, the CNA position is the perfect match. While you are starting your career in the health service industry at a junior position, you need not worry. Many institutes allow people with CNA qualifications to enroll in ‘bridge’ programs, which offer advanced training and facilitate the transition from junior to senior positions. Over time, your practical experience can help you clear these bridge programs with great ease.
While the position requires serious commitment and effort, it is well worth it at the end, becoming your gateway into the healthcare industry.

Ask an Expert

Q:What is a certified nursing assistant and can I become one?

A:Certified nursing assistants perform basic nursing duties such as monitoring patients, transporting patients, and helping patients with mobility issues. If you wish to become a certified nursing assistant, you must complete a nursing degree and acquire a certification in this specialty area. There are many online and campus based schools offering certified nursing assistant courses.

Q:As I was reading about the certified nursing assistant salary, I came across job duties if these nurses. Can you tell me more?

A:Nurse Assistants basically provide supportive services to registered nurses and physicians. These nurses are required to perform basic tasks such as helping patients dress and eat, prep patients for medical tests, help patients with immobility issues, and more. To learn more about these nurses, take a look at our page.

Q:I want to learn about the duties of cna certified nursing assistant. Can you tell me?

A:Certified Nurse Assistants work with patients and are mainly responsible for offering basic care services. The job duties typically include: bathing patients, grooming and hygiene, feeding patients, checking vital signs, ensuring medication is administered on time, and also offering emotional support. The requirements for becoming a nursing assistant will vary from state to state.

Q:Certified nursing assistant jobs are available in what kinds of organizations?

A:Certified nurse assistants are in demand in all kinds of healthcare institutions. Some of the most common healthcare organizations that employ these nurses are: hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, old homes, and more. These nurses are responsible for providing basic healthcare services. Take a look at our page for more detail.

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