Nursing Schools in New York

Nurses are healthcare professionals dedicated to look after the sick and assist the physicians in a number of tasks. They also have additional responsibilities such as educating patients, families and communities about matters pertaining to health and disease. Other than having general knowledge about healthcare assistance, they can also specialize in a particular field within nursing field such as pediatrics and surgery.

There are various nursing schools in New York that offer a wide array of programs for students who want to become a nurse. As nursing is a thriving field with scores of new employment  opportunities, getting into these schools can be a great career move. Students who obtain a degree or diploma in nursing can find rewarding jobs in a number of medical settings such as nursing home, clinics, hospitals and more.
Nursing Programs in NY
Diplomas as well as degrees are offered at nursing schools in NY. Students who would like to become a registered nurse can enroll in diploma, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in nursing. LPN, RN-to-BSN as well as RN-to-MSN degrees are also available. Accelerated nursing programs in NY can be best suited for the ones who want to become a nurse while being employed. Masters programs are also available for learners who would like to find the most lucrative opportunities within the nursing field.
Curriculum in Nursing Programs
Coursework in nursing programs include both classroom lessons as well as clinical work experience. Some of the courses students will cover in these programs include health assessment, public health, community health and women's health.
Job Opportunities
Jobs for nurses are expected to grow by 22% between 2008 to 2018 which is faster than average. For this reason, enrolling in nursing schools in New York can lead students to highly rewarding jobs. Once they earn a diploma or degree in nursing, they can work in clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. They can also find research and teaching opportunities in colleges and universities. On average, nurses can earn somewhere in the range of $49,000 to $89,000 every year.

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Q:Can you give me some information about the best nursing schools in New York State?

A:New York State is home to many prestigious nursing and medical schools. These educational institutions have built repute and are recognize for offering high quality education services. You can expect to find the latest educational facilities at the top nursing schools in this state. Take a look at our page for more information.

Q:Will nursing schools in NY prepare for the licensing exams?

A:Yes, nursing schools in NY will prep you for the nursing licensing examinations (NCLEX) in the state. You will acquire a broad understanding of the nursing field and will develop clinical skills needed for the career. The licensing examinations are mandatory to pass in all states. This test will evaluate your nursing knowledge and skills to determine if you are ready to join the professional field or not.

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