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RN to MSN Degrees

RN to MSN programs aim to enhance career opportunities for nurses. They prepare them for various challenges and opportunities that are a part of the nursing field. With the RN to MSN option, they can earn both Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing in the same program. This is an accelerated option that enables nursing students to complete their graduate level courses instead of electives in the bachelor’s program.

RN to MSN programs can save time and money, and enable students to follow their career aspirations. Many institutes offer online RN to MSN programs. Although, the curriculum of online programs is similar to that of on campus programs, online programs can be flexible and convenient. Students can make their own schedule and study at their own pace.


RN to MSN begins with undergraduate courses that are aimed at building a foundation for advanced courses. After completing the foundation courses, students move on to graduate level courses. RN to MSN programs have a condensed format to cover the important undergraduate as well as graduate courses.

RN to MSN programs emphasize on professional leadership by offering courses in management, health assessment, health care therapy trends, community nursing, and research. These programs also cover aspects that focus on health promotion, professional ethics, health care information, diversity, and health care management. The coursework of RN to MSN programs is designed in a way that it enables students to apply their knowledge and skills in a real world setting.


RN to MSN Careers

Nursing becomes a more rewarding career when an individual is better qualified. Students looking to acquire leadership positions in nursing should opt for at least a master’s degree program. Masters in nursing degree can open up various career opportunities in management or administration in health care organizations, nursing education programs, and businesses. It can also be a foundation for students planning to pursue a doctoral degree.

There are a number of roles that can be acquired after Masters in nursing degree. These include:

  • Clinical Nurse Educator
  • Director of Patient Care Services
  • Nurse Manager
  • Clinical Director
  • Director of Nursing
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Mental Health Program Manager
  • Health and Social Services Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Director of Nursing Education
  • Nutrition Services Manager
  • Practice Administrator RN
  • Relief Charge Nurse
  • Pharmaceutical Nurse Educator

Nursing Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for registered nurses are expected to increase by 26 percent between the years 2010 and 2020, which is faster than the average of all occupations. Growth is likely to occur due to technological advancements. Now more health problems can be treated and the emphasis on preventive care has increased. The aging baby boomer population will also need more healthcare services. Job opportunities will grow faster than average in hospital as well as the non-hospital settings. Non-hospital settings include home health care services and physician’s offices.



Ask an Expert

Q:In which specialization areas can I pursue rn to msn programs?

A:RN to MSN degrees are bridge programs that are designed for registered nurses looking forward to pursuing advanced nursing careers. The program is being offered by many nursing schools that are campus based and online. You can earn the degree in the following specialization areas: case management, nursing management, nursing informatics, nursing education, infection prevention and control, and leadership.

Q:How are online RN to MSN programs cost friendly?

A:If one pursues nursing programs online, he or she can save up on unnecessary expenses related to travelling, textbooks, and other reading resources. For online studying, all one needs is a laptop and an internet connection. Online education has proved to be cost friendly in many ways and is increasingly becoming popular.

Q:Can you please tell me which area I can specialize in rn to msn online degree programs?

A:There are many different specialization areas you can pursue in an RN to MSN degree. Some of the most popularly pursed specialization areas include: neonatal care, critical care nursing, adult nursing, pediatrics nursing, gerontology nursing, nursing administration, travel nursing, emergency nursing, and surgical nursing. The options for specialization may vary from institute to institute.

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