Nursing Schools in California

California is home to a number of renowned schools, colleges and universities. If you would like to become a nurse, you should considering enrolling in nursing schools in California and pursue a rewarding career as there is lot of demand for nurses across the country. Other than getting competitive salaries, nurses can also enjoy a number of other career benefits such as bonuses, flexible work hours and more.


Nursing Programs in California

A number of nursing programs are offered in California. Some can help you find entry level jobs while others can lead you to senior level positions. These include certificates, diplomas and degree programs in nursing. Degrees include associate, bachelors as well as masters programs. An associate’s degree in nursing can be completed in two years while a bachelor’s program can be completed in four years. A master’s degree in this field can be obtained in 1-2 years. Accelerated nursing programs in California are also offered to help you obtain a degree in this field in a convenient manner. These include RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN programs. LPN programs can also be a great option for those who want to find entry level jobs in this field.

Nurses also need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination to practice this profession. The licensing requirement may vary by state so it is important for aspiring nurses to find out the requirements for their state.


Nursing programs include classroom lessons as well as piratical experience in healthcare settings. Students in nurse practitioner programs in California will cover a variety of topics such as adult health care, critical care, community health, women's health, and more. The curriculum varies by the program type as well as the area in which students eventually choose to specialize in.

Career Prospects

Nurses can find entry level jobs or pursue research, managerial, and teaching positions once they obtain a certificate or degree in this field. On average, they can expect to earn about $35,000 to $49,000 on an annual basis. The precise salary of such healthcare professionals is determined by their qualification, area of specialization and the type of job they find.

Ask an Expert

Q:What top nursing schools in California should I consider?

A:California is home to a number of nursing schools. You can search online to see which schools are currently offering degree programs. To make sure you pick the right school, check the following factors: accreditation status of the school and the program, rankings, student reviews, faculty qualifications, and educational facilities offered by the institute.

Q:Do California nursing schools prepare students for the licensing exam as well?

A:Yes, most schools in CA that offer nursing programs also prepare these individuals for the NCLEX examination. A nursing degree such as the RN or LPN will provide students with in-depth knowledge about the field. Students can take the NCLEX exam in CA and earn a professional license. Browse through our page for more detail.

Q:Are nursing schools in California offering online BSN programs as well?

A:Not all nursing schools in California are offering online BSN programs. It is recommended that you check online and find out what options are currently available. BSN online degrees are advanced nursing courses that aim at equipping nurses with advanced skills and nursing knowledge. Take a look at our page for more detailed information.

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