Nursing Programs In Virginia

Nursing programs in Virginia

A number of nursing programs are offered in the state of Virginia. Students can opt for different nursing degrees according to their educational requirements and career goals.  Accredited nursing programs are available at many levels. Some major degree programs offered in Virginia include Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and Doctorate degree. 

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Coursework offered by nursing programs can vary according to the institutes, as well as qualification levels. However, some of the major courses offered by nursing programs include biology, chemistry, anatomy, microbiology, social sciences, and health assessment. Students also get the chance to study pathophysiology, pharmacology for nurses, leadership, and nursing management. Other key courses offered in nursing programs include nursing care of adults and older adults, therapeutic communication for health professionals, and mental health of patients.


Nursing degree programs also offer specializations for students. Students can choose to specialize in certain nursing fields such as forensic nursing or nurse midwifery. The three common specializations offered in nursing programs include education, administration, and advanced practice nursing. Students who select advanced practice nursing need to select a major related to the discipline. Regardless of their specialty, all students are required to complete coursework in pharmacology, pathophysiology, ethics, research, education, and theory.


It is important for applicants to do some research on the accreditation status of the university and program. Accredited programs offer quality education as they meet the standards set by relevant accrediting agencies. Accreditation adds value to a nursing degree. Employers also prefer graduates from accredited programs, as they see a connection between quality education and superior work performance.  All unaccredited programs are not degree mills or scams. However, they may not provide you quality education due to the lack of standards.


Nursing Program Considerations

Students need to keep in mind some key factors before deciding a particular nursing program. Accreditation should be their first consideration; however, there are many other factors to keep in mind as well. Students need to find out about the curriculum of the program, qualifications of faculty, tuition costs, availability of scholarships, and NCLEX. It is recommended that they contact the admissions office for information and also talk to alumni or current students for feedback. A thorough research on these factors can save them from substandard education and improve their career prospects as well.

Online Education

Online nursing programs can be a good opportunity for those who cannot afford to acquire campus based education due to their job or other responsibilities. Online nursing programs allow students to learn at their own pace. Students can complete their degree earlier or later than the set duration. Besides, they do not need to attend classes at a fixed time, so they have a choice to work around their  own schedule. Students can also reduce their education cost by opting for online nursing programs. They do not need to pay for travelling, textbooks, or hostel accommodation. Tuition charges for online programs are also less, due to their cost effective setup.



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