Nursing Programs In Ohio

Are you thinking of applying to nursing programs in Ohio, but you are not sure about  the various programs and opportunities that are available?  Reading through this article may help you gain some direction.

Program Listing:

Where can I find out about nursing programs?

The Ohio State Board of Nursing contains an extensive list of all universities, colleges, and community colleges offering nursing programs within the state. These schools are authorized to award degrees and teach their respective curriculum. Before you apply to nursing programs in Ohio, make sure that the institute is listed on the website. If you receive your degree from an un-accredited institute, you’ll not be eligible to take the mandatory licensing examination.

What kinds of programs are available?

The answer depends on your personal interest and involvement in the nursing field. If you are a fresh high-school graduate, you can apply for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) or an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). The first of these options is quite rigorous in terms of the curriculum. Spreading over a four-year period, it includes courses in nursing, medicine, humanities, and mathematics. These are aimed at:

-          Equipping students with more effective problem solving and communication capabilities

-          Develop a more compassionate approach in dealing with patients

-          Teaching students to tackle complex challenges in the area of healthcare more effectively.

Students who want to evaluate their interest in the field and determine if it is a suitable choice for them can benefit from ADN programs, which can equip them with core concepts in nursing and prepare them for basic-level jobs as well as higher education.

If you are already working as a nurse and want to expand your career, Master’s and Doctoral degrees are also available. At the Master’s level, students can gain specialized knowledge in a particular area of nursing such as adult or pediatric care. They may also choose to become anesthetists or radiologists. Doctoral candidates will conduct research in their chosen area, and further utilize the knowledge in professional or academic capacities.

Job prospects

Nursing is a popular profession in Ohio, with over 120,000 Registered Nurses employed, earning $60,970, as of 2012. These numbers are expected to grow in the coming years, indicating that there are many opportunities for future graduates.


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