Oncology Nurse

An Oncology nurse provides various health care services to cancer patients and their families. He/she works directly with the patient as well as educates and informs the patient’s family through every step of the treatment. An Oncology nurse works in hospitals and clinics, in addition to working at out-patient facilities and may visit the patients at their homes.

One of the most specialized and demanding fields in the healthcare professionals today, Oncology nurses require formal education and training. Most Oncology nurses hold master’s degree in the field. A variety of volunteer, internships and training programs are available for those healthcare professionals who are interested in the field of Oncology. In addition to being professionally satisfying, those interested in Oncology nursing have a bright employment future as well.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing profession is expected to grow 26 percent faster than other professions during (2010-2020) alone. Furthermore, numbers of jobs available for registered nurses in 2010 were in excess of 2 million. A registered nurse’s average median pay in 2010 was in excess of $64,000 per year. Nurse salary for those working in Oncology department was expected to be higher since they provide specialized healthcare services as compared to the registered nurses, who provide general healthcare services.
Those who are thinking of pursuing a career in Oncology nursing must realize that dealing with patients diagnosed with cancer is not easy. Therefore those with the following characteristics may have a successful career as an oncology nurse:

  • Critical-thinking
  • Effective communication
  • Patience
  • Organizational Skills
  • Detail oriented

The job of an Oncology nurse may be demanding but it is also rewarding. The job’s nature is not static and may vary from day to day. A thoroughly professional Oncology nurse is a Godsend to those diagnosed with cancer. Nurses in general are responsible for helping the patient understand their condition and dispel any unnecessary fears and apprehensions of those whose loved ones are diagnosed with cancer. If you think you have the abovementioned qualities, then a nursing career in Oncology may be the right career for you.

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