Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing
The profession of nursing has always been associated with respect and public service. Public health nursing is a nursing specialty focused on the general health of a community. There are a number of nursing specialties that a student can choose and decide to work within. A nursing specialty usually helps a nurse in specializing only in a particular field of medicine. Public health nursing integrates community service with knowledge of nurses in medicine, biology and pharmacology. It refers to taking care of people in physical distress from within communities. Public health nurses are usually trained with basic duties and responsibilities that a nurse needs to carry out. They are educated on commonly prevailing diseases in adults and infants. The basic education includes information pertaining to diseases of numerous genres, their cure, medications and other necessary treatment precautionary measures.

Public health nursing is usually confused with community service; however, in contrast public health nursing involves an element of community involvement where nurses provide treatment to public but on a proper platform and within a defined framework. For example, in many hospitals and other health care institutions, there is a special ward for providing treatment to public in general. The patients include women, children, and men of all ages suffering from different kinds of diseases ranging from wounds to infections. Public health nursing focuses on taking special care of people in traumatic situations and help them rebuild their physical as well as mental health. A public health nurse bears the responsibility of monitoring and supervising the progress of the patient while he/she is in the state of recovery.
Public health nurses have high employability and promising future prospects. They are employed by hospitals, private clinics, non-governmental organizations, large corporations, school districts etc.  Public health nurses are also assigned travel nursing projects as they contribute to the welfare of general public abundantly. The salary of public health nurses is usually sufficient and the growth in career is also promising. Thus, public health nursing offers a good package to those who aim at doing some good for the society.

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