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Hawaii Board of Nursing

Nursing is a field within healthcare that involves looking after the sick and assisting physicians and other medical staff. They also do a number of other tasks such as guiding and treating patients about different medical conditions, operating medical equipment and more. As there are thousands of new jobs for nurses across the country, pursuing a career in this field can help students benefit from promising career. According to statistics, jobs for registered nurses are expected to grow by 22% in the period from 2008 to 2018. Keeping in view that nurses look after the wellbeing of the public, it is a must that they possess the right knowledge and skills required for giving safe and timely nursing care to the patients.

What are Boards of Nursing?
Boards of nursing are government organizations that are in charge of ensuring safe and effective nursing practice. These bodies are established by the state governments in order to make sure that the practice of nursing is performed in the best interest of public. The mission of the nursing boards is to establish best industry standards and make sure that all nurses follow them. These organizations set the standards for the practicing of safe nursing care and also issue licenses. Each state has its own board of nursing that monitors the compliance to laws by nurses. The board usually reports to the governor of the state or a state agency. Licensed practical/vocational nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, registered nurses and consumers all serve as board members. Nursing boards enforce the Nurse Practice Act and nurses are bound to comply with the rules and regulations in order to maintain licenses. Nursing laws establish the scope of practice, nursing titles as well as qualifications for licensure.
Hawaii Board of Nursing
Students who want to pursue a career as a nurse in Hawaii need to get licenses and maintain them as well. Just as with other boards of nursing, the Hawaii Board of Nursing makes sure that nurses follow the best industry practices. It is also responsible for protecting the public's health by ensuring the safe practice of nursing and for laying down the principles for outlining safe nursing care and licensing. Nurses are obliged to follow the rules and regulations established by the board.
License and Verification
Nursing professionals can get written verification of a license through the Board of Nursing Hawaii. The process of license verification is different for different types of licenses. The official website of the Board of Nursing Hawaii can help students know how to go about their license verification and renewal.
Rules and Regulations
The Hawaii Board of Nursing can help aspiring nurses find out about the rules and regulations of nursing practice. Students must get in touch with the board to understand the necessary steps and procedures in  order to practice this profession in Hawaii. The board also helps students know about the requirements of nursing programs, licensures, continuing education and nurse education grant programs. Students who want to become nurses as well as RNs and LPNs can find useful information by contacting the Hawaii Board of Nursing.

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Q:Does the Hawaii state board of nursing issue licenses?

A:Yes, the Hawaii state board of nursing is the main body in the state that issues licenses to nurses. It is important to remember that each state has its own board of nursing that promotes this profession and the welfare of the public. After earning a degree in nursing, you can take part in the state board of nursing and earn a license that allows you to practice nursing professionally.

Q:Is the Hawaii board of nursing responsible for issuing nursing licenses throughout the state?

A:Yes, the Hawaii Board of Nursing is the main legal body that issues nursing licenses to individuals. Nurses are not allowed to work professionally without receiving a license. To qualify for a license, one must clear the NCLEX examinations held by the state board. The board also designs and implements various rules and regulations for the nursing profession.

Q:To get a Hawaii rn license, what kind of test do I have to clear?

A:RN licenses are issued to individuals who have successfully completed an RN degree and cleared the NCLEX-RN examinations. This exam will test the students clinical skill set, theoretical understanding of the field, and overall readiness to join the profession as a nurse. All state nursing boards conduct the NCLEX examinations.

Q:How do I apply for a nursing license at the board of nursing Hawaii?

A:To apply for a nursing license, you need to take the nursing licensing examinations conducted by the board. This exam is known as the NCLEX exam and is mandatory to pass if you wish to earn a professional nursing license. The main aim of the exam is to evaluate the skills and knowledge of a student and determine their readiness for the career.

Q:What is the basic procedure for license renewal through the HI board of nursing?

A:The license renewal requirements typically vary from state to state. If you reside in Hawaii, and have been working as a nurse, it is recommended that you get in touch with the board to find out what the renewal procedure is. Take a look at our page for more information.

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